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Feature Spotlight: Automatic Updates

By Sean / November 1st, 2016

Automatic Updating is our number one most highly requested feature of all time, receiving over 600 votes from users. You asked for it, and in WHMCS 7 we delivered it.

Automatic Updating is all about making it easier to update and ensure you're getting the best possible experience from the WHMCS product at all times.

Version 7 might just be the last update you'll ever need to download.

Our work on automatic updates started over 3 years ago. Now on our fourth iteration, we believe we’ve got it right and are ready to release it to our users. With multiple layers of security to ensure the validity and authenticity of the updates as well as numerous safeguards built-in to ensure that the environment is suitable before the update begins, Automatic Updates are a quick, safe and a enjoyable experience. Learn more in our Q&A with Nate Custer from our Development Team.

We’ve also put a lot of work into making sure the update process works for you with features like checking for any default files that have been edited or customised. If the system finds any, it will let you know and not proceed.

Along with those checks, we’ve introduced new and improved ways to customise WHOIS Servers, Additional Domain Fields, Countries and more that safely preserve your customisations between updates. As well, now all of our template changes are published to Github creating and maintaining custom themes has never been easier. Plus these new customisation options benefit you whether you choose to use Automatic Updates or not.

Why is it important to update?
Automatic Updates are all about making it easier for you to stay up-to-date. But why should you update? Here’s 3 great reasons:

  • You get the latest improvements and new functionality that allow you to do more and sell more
  • You get compatibility updates for 3rd party services - APIs and offerings change frequently, and updates ensure you uninterrupted operation
  • You get bug fixes, so you aren’t running into issues that have already been discovered, investigated and fixed by our team
    Combine the above and you’re getting the best experience from our product, which is good for you, good for your customers, and most important helps keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

    How will I know when an update is available?
    A new notification system will always let you know whenever an update is available via a notification shown on all admin pages. When it appears, simply click on it to be taken to the Update utility where you can begin the update process.

    What if I don’t want to Auto Update?
    That’s cool, we understand some users have reasons they can’t perform automatic updates. We’re still making available downloadable packages of WHMCS just the same as before, so if you need to update manually, you still can.

    Upgrade to Version 7 Today

    The future is here. Enjoy automatic updates! And if you have any suggestions for ways it can be improved, please be sure to let us know below.

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