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Version 7.0 Beta Released

By Matt / July 22nd, 2016

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of WHMCS 7.0 Beta 1.

What's New in WHMCS 7.0?

WHMCS Auto Updater - In WHMCS 7.0, updates are just a click away. A subtle new update notification will let you know whenever an update is available, wherever you are in the admin area, and when clicked will take you to the all new Automatic Update interface that lets you update WHMCS without ever leaving the WHMCS admin interface.
Coupled with the updater are new, easier ways to customise WHOIS Servers, countries and additional domain fields in a way that can be safely maintained through automatic updates.

Spotlight TLDs - Highlight your best selling TLDs and extensions. Proven to increase sales and conversions, now you can select up to 8 of your top selling extensions for display at the top of a new domain lookup experience for customers. Sale groups also allow you to highlight extensions that are New, Hot and on Sale, giving them increased visibility and prominence.
A new, improved and streamlined interface for initiating domain transfers rounds out the domain lookup and purchase area improvements.

PayPal Integration Optimisations - Reducing the number of steps required by end users to complete checkout, now users email addresses will be pre-filled in the PayPal login form along with itemised purchase details being displayed in the PayPal Checkout Experience to minimise buyer uncertainty and increase confidence.
Simple Product Configuration - The new, simpler way to configure products. Supporting cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk, and open to module developers to begin implementing today, simple product configuration allows module developers to provide a simpler and more streamlined user experience for users configuring module parameters by offering a simple mode with support for dynamic fetching of values from a remote service. Now configuring a package is as simple as choosing the desired package name from a dropdown of choices.
Quick Start Setup Wizard - For new users, there's a brand new wizard based experience the first time they login that makes getting up and running with WHMCS simpler, more intuitive, and quicker than ever before. Be ready to begin selling and making money in minutes with WHMCS 7.0.
PHP 7.0 Compatibility - With PHP 5.6 and 7.0 compatibility, WHMCS 7.0 can be run on the latest versions of PHP to deliver maximum performance. As announced previously, WHMCS 7.0 will require PHP 5.6 as a minimum and we are working closely with some of our leading hosting partners to ensure that their systems are ready for WHMCS 7.0. In addition, while Ioncube loaders for PHP 7 remain in beta at this time, we do have open dialog ongoing with Ioncube and are working with them testing and reporting our findings. We join everyone in the PHP community in looking forward to seeing stable loaders for PHP 7.0 as soon as is feasible.
How to get involved

Beta 1 is available to download today.

Beta testers play an invaluable role in our development process and we rely on their work to ensure we release the best possible product. We encourage as many people as possible to take part in the beta process. Signup today to be one of the first to get your hands on Version 7.0.

To find out more or to get started, visit

As always please remember this is a pre-production release and as such is not recommended for production use.

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