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WHMCS Version 6.2 Released

By Matt / December 9th, 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 6.2 under General Availability.

With 2 new order forms, WHMCS Single Sign-On, An Even More Unified Experience with cPanel, Draft Invoices, Improved Client Lookup, Customer Retention Analytics and more, this is a very exciting release!

Read on to find out more or skip ahead to Get the Update Now!

New Order Forms

Continuing on from the work we began in previous 6.x releases, 6.2 comes with 2 more new order forms to showcase your products with.

  • Universal Slider - perfect for offering any type of product with a slider based selection page
  • Supreme Comparison - a matrix comparison style order form with support for up to 6 products displayed horizontally.

WHMCS Single Sign-On and cPanel Integration

Next up is WHMCS Single Sign-On, making it possible for trusted applications to authenticate users into a WHMCS installation automatically, without the user having to login. Developers, you can begin using this functionality immediately.

For cPanel web hosts, we've taken this a step further and via another new feature Application Links, coupled with the upcoming cPanel & WHM 54 release, you'll be able to provide WHMCS billing and support links within the cPanel UI (pictured above), delivering a simpler, more convenient, more unified experience for users than ever before. Find out more in last weeks feature spotlight.

OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect enables your WHMCS installation to act as an authentication provider for third party applications that support the OpenID standard. Enabling your clients to login to related products & services using the same login credentials as they use for your website - one login, your branding and easier for end users.
One of the first applications to take advantage of this is cPanel & WHM 54, currently out in EDGE. With WHMCS 6.2, your users will be able to login to their cPanel accounts using the same username and password as they use for WHMCS on your website. Upgrade today and you'll be prepared to enable it as soon as your servers upgrade to the 54 release. Find out more...

Invoice Drafts

Ever wished you could prepare an invoice without a client seeing it? Well with WHMCS 6.2, now you can. A new Draft invoice status means customers never see invoices until you're ready. Track and build invoices for projects over time, or just have that added confidence knowing a customer can't accidentally view an invoice you're still in the process of creating. Something so intuitive and natural, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Improved Client Lookup

Now for something I'm personally a huge fan of. Anywhere that previously had a dropdown list of clients has been replaced with a dynamic filterable list. Simply start typing any part of a clients name, company or email address, and the list will be updated to show just the matching users. Tasks such as creating orders, adding transactions, opening tickets and more will have never been so quick and easy.

As if all that wasn't enough, there's also new & improved Customer Retention Analytics (more on this in the next spotlight blog post), WHMCS Connect 2.0, and all the usual maintenance and stability improvements.

The move to General Availability marks the end of pre-production testing and means 6.2 is now the recommended version for all new installations and upgrades. A big thanks as always to everyone who took part in the testing.

Get the Update | Release Notes | Upgrade Instructions | Changelog

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