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ResellerClub to begin charging for Privacy Protection

By Matt / September 5th, 2014

From Monday 22nd September, ResellerClub will begin charging for Privacy Protection.

Privacy Protection has until now been available free from ResellerClub for domains purchased through them. However, ResellerClub has now announced that they are to discontinue this offer.

Don't despair though, there's some Good News for WHMCS users! Through our partnership with ResellerClub, we have been able to delay the introduction of charges on your behalf. Most other ResellerClub users started paying for ID protection at the beginning of August. As well, we are providing a tool to help ease the transition to ResellerClub's Privacy Protection pricing model.

The annual fee for ResellerClub Privacy Protection will be $3 per domain.

This will apply to ID protection both for new registrations and for renewals of existing domains. Domain names that are already registered and use the Privacy Protection service will not have any charges applied until the next renewal.

So what does this mean for you?
If you sell domains through ResellerClub, there are a few changes that you as a WHMCS customer will likely want to do:

1. The first is to set pricing for new orders of ID Protection. This can be done in Setup > Domain Pricing within your WHMCS admin area, just below the TLDs list.

2. The second is to increase the renewal prices of your existing customers domain registrations that have ID protection enabled. The easiest way to do this is using Version 3.0 of the Bulk Pricing Updater Addon. Version 3.0 provides support for both Domain Addons and relative price increases, and is available to download from today. Find out more here.

Additionally, before the introduction date of September 22nd, we will release an updated version of the WHMCS ResellerClub module. The updated module will use the new privacy protection purchase parameters associated with ResellerClub's changes. It is important that you do not set a sale price for privacy protection inside of the ResellerClub control panel until this update, as that will render WHMCS unable to provision it for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, ResellerClub are available to answer any questions you might have and they can be contacted by emailing whmcs[at]

Want to learn more about getting a ResellerClub Account? Click here

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