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WHMCS Welcomes it's Newest Partner: ModulesGarden

By Aaron / March 24th, 2014

In the past few months, we ceased offering custom development services to allow us to focus more directly on core product development and specifically projects that have a broader benefit to our entire customer base.

Being accessible and easily extendable to developers is one of the key things that has helped WHMCS get to where it is today. And so in doing this, it was very important to us that we still had a solution that we could offer to clients for customising their WHMCS installation - from creating reports, to creating custom modules and hooks, to adding whole new functionality.

And that's where ModulesGarden comes in. ModulesGarden have been doing custom development work for WHMCS since 2011 and they've worked with some big names – OpenSRS and OnApp to name just two. We've also been recommending them for some time now, and the feedback we have been getting from clients who have used them has been very positive.

So today we are pleased to announce we have now created a formal partnership with them. ModulesGarden is our preferred development company, and we are proud to recommend them for all your WHMCS customization needs. Custom Development Services offered by ModulesGarden include:

  • Custom Gateway Module Development
  • Custom Registrar Module Development
  • Custom Provisioning Module Development
  • Custom Addon Module Development
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Hooks
  • Custom Theme Development

To celebrate this partnership, ModulesGarden will be joining us at our booth at World Hosting Day 2014 in Rust, Germany all next week, to talk with clients about custom module development and how we can work together to create additional functionality for your installation of WHMCS.

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So if you're needing custom development work, be sure to check out their page in our partners area @

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