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Leveraging Entry-Level Products with WHMCS

By Lia / October 24th, 2018

Entry-level products are a low-cost version of a product or service that you can use to introduce people to your brand offerings. Because it's low cost and requires a low level of commitment, customers are more likely to buy it versus your higher level products and services.

With an entry level product, while you may not make as much initially, the goal is primarily getting customers in the door and signed up which then gives you the ability to market and upsell them to your other higher level services.
Here are some example scenarios:
  • For digital products or apps, an entry-level product could be a basic app which is not as feature rich as the premium version. This basic product allows users to get a feel for the app before committing to a more expensive version while you get the opportunity to upsell to users within the app to unlock more features.
  • For hosting packages, this could be the cheapest plan you promote to attract attention and encourage visitors to explore and compare other plans.
  • If you offer web services like web design, you can offer a website builder to customers who don't want to pay the cost of a custom developed site. Later on, as most of these users are small businesses owners with limited time resource or their business may have grown and they need a more complex site, you can then offer a custom web design and development package.
Leverage entry-level products with these WHMCS features
We've collated the top WHMCS features that make it possible for you to offer entry-level products and automate the process of upselling to your customers.
Feature Highlights on Order Forms
One thing that we see used a lot is highlighting a popular choice of product/service. By leveraging this functionality, you add customer affirmation for a higher level plan allowing you to promote your lower cost plans as a way of attracting users to your site, and then upselling them once they are there.

Using the Feature Highlights feature in WHMCS allows you to showcase your service plan features side-by-side in a comparison style format and allows you to highlight an individual plan as the most popular to have it stand out from the rest.
Plus with the Upgrades and Downgrades functionality, if someone starts on the lower plan they can upgrade at any time via the client area, all fully automated.
Upgrade Upsell Integration with cPanel
Another way you can upsell to your customers is through the Upsell Integration with cPanel. Using the Application Linking functionality of WHMCS means that when a user reaches a package limit within cPanel, they will be presented with the option to upgrade, directly in-context, from within cPanel, and utilising single sign-on technology for a seamless experience.

Below is an example of the notification a customer could see when the limit for MySQL Databases has been reached:
Clicking on the Upgrade link will automatically redirect the user to your WHMCS client area, securely log the customer in using Single Sign-On, and then present them with all the upgrade options for their current package. You can learn more about this in our recent feature spotlight.
MarketConnect is our digital services platform that gives you access to resell market-leading cloud-based services. Using MarketConnect, you can add a range of website and security-related products to your offerings, with some starting from as little as $0.99 a month giving you an easy way to add entry-level products and services to your offerings.
And with the built-in promotions and upsells within the WHMCS client area and shopping cart, promotional upsells are optimised and integrated into the user experience for maximum effectiveness without being overly intrusive.
Learn more about the latest new developments in MarketConnect in our recent WHMCS 7.6 What's New Blog Post.
Email Marketer Tool
The Email Marketer Tool in WHMCS, first introduced in version 5.0, allows you to schedule automated emails to be sent to your customers when certain events or criteria are met.

For example, you could create a rule that sends an email to customers 2 days after they purchase one of your entry-level plans offering a higher tier plan or promoting some of your other products and services.

You can learn more about this feature here

If entry-level products and services are not yet part of your product strategy, or if they are but you're not leveraging it enough to upsell other products, this might be a good time to consider adding it to your business strategy and roadmap. And with WHMCS, you can automate the majority of the workflow.

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