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Feature Spotlight: Use @mentions to get someone's attention

By Matt / May 2nd, 2018

@mentions is a new feature in WHMCS 7.5 designed to make internal notes more useful by allowing you to tag and loop your teammates into Customer Conversations.
Social networks have had a big influence on the way we communicate, none more so than the way we @mention others on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Even at work, these have become popular in team messaging apps such as HipChat and Slack. And now, you can do it using WHMCS too.

It works just like any other tagging functionality you might be used to: Simply type "@" followed by the first few letters of a name to see a dropdown of team members to choose from:

Add as many users as you'd like to an internal note to start collaborating!

@mentions are supported for both client and ticket notes and any team members mentioned will receive an immediate email notification directly to their inbox.

How @mentions make internal notes more useful

Collaborate with others
Ever heard the phrase 'Two heads are better than one'? It's often helpful to have the advice or opinion of a second person. And now you can, with @mentions.
Loop in subject experts
Ever needed to get input from other departments? Now you can simply tag people in the internal note to get the eyes on you need?
Opportunities for learning
Whether it's to help new employees, or bring issues to a managers attention, @mention team mates in a note and ask them to get involved.
To learn more about @mentions, visit the documentation here.

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