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HipChat and Slack Integration

By Matt / January 30th, 2018

Get notifications directly to your HipChat and Slack rooms and channels with the new Notifications feature in WHMCS 7.4.

We are excited to welcome HipChat and Slack to the list of integrated apps for WHMCS.

With the new Notifications Center in WHMCS 7.4, you can setup instant real-time notifications to your existing digital workspace about events and actions that matter to you.

Not using HipChat or Slack yet? Create a free Slack account today to start using this feature.
Team communication apps are transforming the way teams work, replacing email communication and context switching of traditional workflows with a shared conversational environment so teams can stay focused, communicate in real-time and gain visibility into operations and systems without hopping between different softwares.

With WHMCS 7.4, you can create powerful event driven notification rules that help keep you and your team in the loop.

With a wide range of event triggers to choose from, and conditional criteria allowing you to dial in the notifications to just the events that matter to you, you can setup notifications about the things that matter to you.

Since many of us already have a chat window open in listening mode, these notifications integrate directly into your existing workflows while giving you immediate insights into the things that matter to you.

HipChat and Slack, just like WHMCS, are awesome tools used by tens of thousands of companies. And like all awesome tools, they work better together. We hope you will get a chance to give the new integration a try.

Upgrade to WHMCS 7.4 to get access to this new functionality today. Or for those already running WHMCS 7.4, simply navigate to Setup > Notifications to get started.

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