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Feature Spotlight: Email Marketing Tool

By Lia / March 23rd, 2018

Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to stay in touch with your customers and build loyalty and trust with your brand. By having more frequent touch points, it helps keep your brand "top-of-mind" with your customers, increasing the chances of your existing customers coming back to you, and the likelihood of getting new customers via referrals and word of mouth.

The Email Marketer Tool in WHMCS, first introduced in version 5.0, allows you to set up scheduled automated emails to your customers when certain events or criteria are met.

For example, when a new customer signs up, you can set up a series of welcome on-boarding emails to walk them through getting started with the product or up-sell your other services.

How The Email Marketing Tool Helps You

1) Saves you time. You only have to set it up once and you can sit back and know that WHMCS is handling your email marketing for you. With the various triggers options, you can customise exactly when each email is sent based on the product your customer purchases or where they are at on their customer lifecycle.
2) Automate your onboarding process. Providing your client a great onboarding experience is important to make sure they are making the most out of your products - the sooner they experience their first success with your product the higher the chance they will stay as a customer.
3) Automate your marketing. Tailor your marketing depending on your user's needs. The more you can tailor your message with your customers, the higher the chance they will engage.
The Email Marketing tool built into WHMCS offers a range of triggers for determining which emails to send and when to send them. For example, you can setup a rule that if a customer purchases web hosting and a domain but not SSL, you follow up 3 days later with an SSL offer. That kind of targetting can be really powerful.

4) Get user's feedback. Gathering user feedback is important to help you create a user-centric business, and gathering feedback and surveys has never been easier with the email marketer tool.
5) Nurture customer relationships. Nurture stronger and longer lasting relationships by showing long term customers you appreciate their support with thank you's and rewards and special offers for your top spenders. With this feature you have the criteria of setting up emails sent based on their start date or their number of active products/ services.
Explore the Email Marketer Tool by going to Utilities > Email Marketer, or visit the documentation.

MailChimp Integration

In WHMCS 7.3, we introduced MailChimp integration that enables you to leverage the power of MailChimp's subscription management, drag and drop email builder and email automations.

With MailChimp, not only can you compose and send awesome looking emails, but with our full e-commerce integration, you can setup emails that are triggered automatically when events such as new signups and purchases occur within WHMCS.

The best part is MailChimp is free to use for up to 2,000 subscribers. You can read more about the integration in our previous blog.

Marketing Consent

When sending out email marketing, it's important that you are compliant with the various data protection laws in place in your region. In the upcoming 7.5 release, we have introduced the following features to help you be compliant:

  • Marketing Email Opt-In during Signup & Checkout - more flexibility over the way users are requested to opt into or opt out of marketing emails.
  • Marketing Email Consent History - logging of opt-ins and opt-outs from marketing emails to provide an audit trail of exactly when users gave consent to receive marketing emails.
  • New mass mail functionality - When using the Mass Mail tool you can restrict the emails you sent to only those users who have not opted out of Marketing Emails.

Email Marketing is an important tool to grow your business and stay "top-of-mind" with your customers. We hope the above tools will help you further automate and scale your business with WHMCS.

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