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App Store reaches 500 Mark

By John / December 20th, 2012

I recently approved the 500th addon in our App Store, so thought it would be appropriate to take some time to highlight a handful of the highest rated addons and modifications our community has to offer. Since launching the app store back in 2009 these addons alone have been downloaded 15,000 times.

Client Area Homepage

This customisation to the client area homepage template puts a great deal of information right at your client's fingertips as soon as they log in. Displaying the control panel and webmail login buttons makes it easy for clients to access their control panel, see reminders for upcoming domain renewals and customisable welcome messages. It's available for all three templates, including a tabbed style for Default.


Lets Get Social

The built in social tools allow you to display your Twitter feed and have Facebook users comment on announcements, this addon takes it one step further and allows for the management of your company's social media posts from within WHMCS. This is no simple Twitter and Facebook status update tool; one can create pre-defined messages and have them posted automatically.

Translate (Free)

WHMCS is easy to translated into other languages by editing a single file. This addon provides the ability to view language strings side-by-side; so for example compare the English and French versions on one page and sort by a range of criteria allowing you to see any strings which may be missing a translation or easily restore to the default version.

Custom PDF Invoice

If you fancy a change from the standard PDF Invoice and Quotes this template mixes things up. It adds new features including encryption, print-only options and a cut-off remittance slip. The developer has sent a sneak-peak of the latest release, this will change it from a template to a full-blown addon allowing users to customise the appearance and options from the administration area - no template editing required! Here's a cheeky preview:

Admin Upcoming Domain Renewals V4 template

I find this addon useful myself, its beauty is in its simplicity; displayed on the admin homepage is a list of domains due for renewal in the next 90 days (this can be adjusted at will). One can easily check the Expiry and Next Due Dates are set correctly and the appropriate domain registrar is selected before any renewal action occurs.

It's simple to browse the app store, select your desired addon and install it. WHMCS' fine-grained permissions allow you to decide exactly which of your staff can control and configure them. Here's a video guide illustrating how straight forward the process is.

Finally I'd like to thank all the developers who have submitted addons, action hooks, templates and other customizations to our App Store - your contribution has made it the success it is.

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