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Protect your PHP Application with the Licensing Addon


Today we're going to discuss how you can license your own applications using the same rock solid licensing solution we use here at WHMCS. The Licensing Addon makes it easy to package, sell and manage usage of your commercial web-based software applications. By combining the billing, client management and support features you know with software application licensing and digital delivery the Licensing Addon transforms WHMCS into a complete solution for software developers.

Sell the way you want
The Licensing Addon is completely flexible, designed to fit your individual needs by supporting all billing cycles and billing features provided by WHMCS - prorata, late fees, and more. It also gives you the ability to automatically license on activation (when the end user installs your app) and re-issue licenses in the event the end user moves their installation to a new location. You also have the ability to control the prefix for your license keys which allows you to differentiate between the products you offer. Giving you the potential to offer different tiers and features with each product.

Protect your app
A difficult task when selling a PHP Application is maintaining control of your app whether that be preventing fraudulent orders, managing user access, or abuse of your software. The Licensing Addon assures you have ownership over your product at all times by allowing you to track your clients use of your PHP Application from start to finish. Once a customer purchases your app, they will automatically be issued a license key from WHMCS. This key will allow you to suspend and/or terminate their access at anytime. This can be used in the event of an overdue invoice or if your application is being abused (fraud/chargebacks).

You can also define the length of the keys you use and control how you restrict access. By imposing download restrictions you can ensure only users with a valid license can download your app. This can also be used to enforce update requirements, for example you may wish to require a user to have support & updates enabled before having access to a specific version of your product.

Up-sell your customers
The Licensing Addon has support for "un-lockable" add-ons and extras within your licensed product. This means you can easily up-sell your customers with products such as branding removal, extended support, additional features, and anything else you'd like to provide, for an additional fee. The possibilities are truly endless!

Getting started
Supporting both local and remote license keys, copy & paste ready integration and a simple API, integrating the WHMCS Licensing Addon to your application is as easy as can be. Once purchased, we will provide you with the PHP licensing code ready to implement in your app and when integrated you're ready to start selling. It's as simple as that!

Start selling your PHP Application automatically, securely & efficiently through WHMCS with the Licensing Addon for only $99.95.

If you have a question, feel free to drop a comment below!

Posted by WHMCS Robert on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

WHMCS Version 6.3.1 Released


We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 6.3.1.

This is a maintenance release for the 6.3 series of WHMCS that includes bug fixes & other updates.

Both a full release and incremental patch set upgrade are being made available. If you are running the immediate previous release 6.3.0, you can use the incremental patch set to upgrade.

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Customising templates... the easy way

Since Version 6.0, we've been publishing template changes on Github.

Github provides formatted and easy to read visual diffs of the changes we make and makes it much easier to update your custom templates. Here's an example from the latest release.

But there's an even bigger advantage. Build your template leveraging the power of Git, and when it comes to upgrades, you can quickly, easily, and most of the time completely automatically merge in any changes. Read on to find out how.

Creating your template with Git

This tutorial assumes you are familiar with Git - one of the most popular version control systems in use today.

To begin, start by checking out a local copy of the template. In this example I'm using the Six template. We make available the Six template and all new order forms released since WHMCS 6.0. You can find the clone urls for each of the templates at

Copy & Paste: git clone [email protected]:WHMCS/templates-six.git my-hosting-company


Entering the new directory and performing a git log command, we see the commits for each version release that has involved changes to the template:

Copy & Paste: git log

At this point, we can now apply our customisations to the template. If we have existing customisations, we can simply copy those files into the new directory. Otherwise we can just edit the files using our favourite editor. Following that, we commit them. You can of course do as many changes and commits as you like.

When the next release comes along, it's as easy as fetching in the changes and merging to your local branch. So first we fetch the latest updates from the Github repo we maintain, in this case the origin of our local repo:

Copy & Paste: git fetch origin

And then we merge the latest changes into our local template branch. Depending on what you've customised, at this point you may encounter a conflict where Git is unable to reliably determine what to do. If you do, resolve them to complete the process.

Copy & Paste: git merge origin/master

That's it. It really is that simple.

In just a matter of seconds, I was able to apply all the changes from the previous 2 releases to my custom template and now it's ready for me to upload to my site. It's quick, easy and what's more, you'll never miss a change.

So the next time you create a custom template, consider using Git.


1. Learn more about Git:
2. WHMCS Github:
3. The WHMCS Six Theme:

Posted by Matt on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

WHMCS Version 6.3 Released


Version 6.3 is now available.

In Version 6.3, we've focused on the ticket system with many exciting enhancements including:

  • Rich-Text Formatting - now you can apply styles to your text, as well as bulleted and numbered lists, code blocks and more, thanks to the introduction of Markdown support
  • Auto-saving - your reply is now saved as you type which coupled with improved session timeout detection helps to ensure you never lose that long reply you've been working on
  • Improved Notifications - a new simpler, clearer ticket notification design keeps you better informed of activity and changes to support tickets you are assigned to or watching
  • Ticket Watching - watching a ticket keeps you in the loop with email notifications any time a reply or change is made, allowing you to see a ticket through to resolution
  • More Powerful Search - supporting multiple department and status criteria concurrently allows you to build the ticket views that work for you
  • In-line Ticket Notes - document your work and allow your colleagues to see your notes in chronological order, right alongside customer replies
  • Image Attachment Previews - view image attachments more quickly and easily without having to download them thanks to full-screen in-line previews
Learn more about the ticket system improvements here.

Version 6.3 also introduces support for localising product names, descriptions and more with Easy Translation, Email Address Verification, Improved Email Notification Styling and more.

You can read the complete changelog here.

How do I upgrade?

Visit the download page to download the update.

As this is a major update, no incremental patch version is available but the upgrade process remains the same. Simply upload the new files to your installation, visit the installer to make any required database changes and then update any custom templates as required.

For full instructions regarding how to apply the update, please visit

Posted by Matt on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Find, Explore, Discover. WHMCS Marketplace

Find, Explore, Discover.


The new and improved way to find add-ons and extensions for the WHMCS Platform is here. Introducing the WHMCS Marketplace, a redefined user experience that makes it easier to find, discover and obtain add-ons for WHMCS.

It is now easier than ever before to discover the many add-ons and extensions that can enable you to do more, automate more and sell more using WHMCS.

The WHMCS Marketplace is designed to bring users and developers together, building on the already awesome user community that exists for WHMCS with a new social Marketplace that provides more informative listings and encourages interactivity with developers through ratings and reviews, threaded discussions and more.

Please show your support for our developer community by visiting the WHMCS Marketplace today. You can rate and review your favorite add-ons, and who knows, you might just find what you've been waiting for!

Be sure to check back often as new add-ons and extensions are being added all the time!

Posted by WHMCS Robert on Monday, March 14th, 2016

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