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Version 6.0 Now Available in Beta


With a lot of excitement, we are very pleased to announce the public beta release of Version 6.0.

Version 6.0 is a major new update with a lot of new features and functionality, as well as many under the hood improvements. If you missed any of the details, we've got you covered with our dedicated Version 6.0 Microsite

Beta testers play an invaluable role in our development process, and we rely on their work to ensure we release the best possible product. We encourage as many people as possible to take part in the beta process. Signup today to be one of the first to get your hands on Version 6.0 and help shape the finished product. To learn more about the beta process, please visit

If you would like to get involved, and help make Version 6.0 great, simply visit and enter your details. We'll then email you immediately with details of how to get the beta and all the important information you need to know.

We've also setup a dedicated forum for discussions relating to Version 6.0 which can be found at:

This will allow you to talk directly with other WHMCS users who are taking part in the beta process as well as members of staff and collaborate together to make this release a great success.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. If you decide to take part in the beta, thank you, and we hope you enjoy it! :)

Posted by Sean on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Domain Namespinning and How it Benefits You


We've all been there. You have this great idea for a new website, you think of the perfect name, but when you go to register it... it's already taken! As hard as you try to find an alternative, nothing else seems quite as good.

That's where Domain Namespinning comes in.

With the new eNom Namespinner feature in WHMCS 6.0, when a customer visits your website to look for a domain, they can simply enter their desired keywords, and the Namespinner will provide intelligent suggestions for both the domain SLD and TLD extension.

What's even more exciting is if they have a specific domain and extension in mind, and that chosen domain name is taken, the customer will be presented with relevant, meaningful alternative domain suggestions. In-fact, even if it's available, the suggestions still appear - why sell one domain when you could sell two, three or even more...


What was once a lost customer due to a dead-end domain unavailable message, is now still a potential sale.

All the big guys do it, and now you can too.

The Namespinner also makes it easier than ever to promote and sell New TLDs too, as any of the TLDs you offer for registration have the potential to show up in suggestions.

Tip: Offering new TLDs increases the chances of the customers SLD keyword choice being available.

One big question we know many of you will be wondering is does this mean I can only use the Namespinner for domains I register with eNom? And no, the answer is the Namespinner can be used for all domain searches performed in your WHMCS installation, regardless of the registrar you ultimately use to register them. All you need to get started is an eNom account which you can register for here.

Get ready to start selling more domains!

Posted by Sean on Thursday, April 9th, 2015

VATMOSS Return: New Report Now Available

The first VATMOSS return deadline of Monday, April 20th, is fast approaching.

For those who missed it, on January 1st 2015, new rules came into effect regarding how VAT within the EU should be handled on the sale of most digital products and services. The rules created a system called the Mini One-Stop Shop (MOSS) for the declaration of VAT collected on these digital supplies. For more information, please refer to our previous blog article: New EU VAT rules from 1st January 2015

Back in December, we had hoped to be able to provide a solution whereby WHMCS users would be able to download a pre-prepared VAT MOSS report from their WHMCS installation and upload it to their chosen MOSS country web portal. In reality, this turned out not to be possible due to both a lack of concrete information from EU tax authorities and varying submissions requirements by MOSS country of registration.

We endeavour to provide our users with the best possible service and as more information becomes available we hope to make further updates to our reporting facilities wherever possible.

Accessing VATMOSS Settlement Data using WHMCS


In the meantime, while submission requirements and file formats vary by MOSS country of registration, ultimately the information required is the same. And therefore today we are able to provide a new dedicated VATMOSS report which provides the following:
  • The quarterly period the data relates to
  • A list of all EU countries that supplies have been made to in that time
  • The VAT rate charged for each
  • The total value invoiced by country excluding VAT
  • The total VAT tax charged and collected from those invoices
This report should provide all the information you need to be able to complete the VATMOSS return in whatever specific format(s) your local VAT tax authority will accept.


Please check with your tax authority to confirm how you can upload your settlement data into the MOSS portal. You should also contact your MOSS registration country if you have any further questions in relation to the MOSS return.

For more generic information on the new VATMOSS rules and regulations, please see the European Commission's own guide here.

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Version 6.0 - An In Depth Look at the New Client Area

One of the biggest new features of Version 6.0 is the brand new client area. This has been completely redesigned and re-written to give you, and your customers, the best possible experience. You may have already had a sneak peek of it if you have visited our booth at one of the recent Web Hosting conferences, if not then read on for details of how it will benefit you...

Optimized for Mobile

The new client area is designed to be responsive. Responsive web design is all about providing an optimal viewing experience - meaning easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling - across a wide range of devices. With that in mind we've developed it using desktop computer monitors, iPads, iPhones and a range of Android devices. Even little things such as having numeric keyboards popup for numeric input fields all helps improve the mobile user experience.


Contextual Sidebars

One of the most noticeable new additions is the sidebars. These adapt and change depending upon the page you are viewing. When viewing announcements you will be presented with a month by month list to browse through, when searching the knowledgebase you get a tag cloud allowing you to jump to articles relating to a specific keyword, when opening a ticket, you get a list of your recent tickets...


Notifications for Clients

Accessible from every page, a new Client Notifications feature will alert your customers to items that need their attention. For example Credit Card Expiring Soon, Unpaid or Overdue Invoices, Domains Expiring within the next 30 Days, Available Credit Balances and more... Accessible to developers too, modules you use can register and display additional notifications to your users.


Maximum Usability

We've completely re-imagined the way the client homepage is used. Gone are the boring lists of open tickets and unpaid invoices. And in comes a fresh new approach, designed to deliver content in a way that both looks aesthetically pleasing, as well as working effectively on all types of device, providing a high level overview and direct access to as many different areas of the client portal as possible.


What's more, the items which are displayed are dynamic, and as with notifications, modules can register their own, as well as manipulate the default ones. Conditional too so a user only sees the notices that are relevant to them. In addition to the obvious things like unpaid invoices, expiring domains and support tickets, we've also included panels that provide quick access to all of a users active products/services, file attachments, affiliate program status and more.

Dynamic Searching, Pagination and More...

Another goal was to make it quicker and easier for end users to accomplish what they set out to. The sidebars which I mentioned earlier play a big part in this, but it doesn't stop there. New dynamic interactive tables are used throughout the client area for all table based lists. What this means is immediate page navigation without page reloads, instant filtering and searching as you type, plus we've also added quick filters that allow the end user to filter lists by any given status, Active, Open, Unpaid, etc...


Localisation - Bonjour, Ciao, Hola...

Gone is the old dropdown menu of languages by their English name, and in comes a new localised language dropdown chooser, with each language name displayed in its local native form. Designed to make your international visitors feel that little bit more at home.


I know many of you are keen to get your hands on the beta, and believe me we want to get it in your hands as soon as we can. We're working hard to make it available as soon as possible, but in the meantime, some of our team, including myself, are heading to 2015 so we look forward to meeting you in Germany next week, and we'll have hands-on demos there for you to give a try, so be sure to stop by booth F18 and say hello!

Posted by Matt on Friday, March 20th, 2015

Version 6.0 - What else is new...

In my last article, I gave quite a high level overview of some of the changes that are coming in Version 6.0. If you missed it, click here to read that article.

In addition to the Redesigned, Responsive and Mobile Friendly Client Area, and all the under the hood changes, there's even more we've managed to pack into 6.0.

cPanel Single Sign-On - You'll never need to enter your WHM or cPanel password again...

Well, as long as you use WHMCS that is! In 6.0, you and your clients can login to cPanel/WHM from WHMCS without ever needing a second username or password. This is made possible by the implementation of Single Sign-On, allowing clients to transition from WHMCS to cPanel/WHM at the click of a button, without having to re-authenticate. For staff, it means the ability to become any cPanel user, as well as login and administer servers via WHM, and again, all without having to lookup or enter any passwords.

Neat, eh? And that's not all. We've also got a new feature codenamed 'WHMCS Connect' which we first demo'd at cPanel Conference 2014 and got people really excited. Think of this as your one stop server access portal, allowing you to control which of your staff have access to which of your servers, and meaning you don't have to disclose passwords to grant WHM access, as well as allowing staff to transition from server to server at the click of a button. Supporting clients just got a whole lot easier!


Domain Namespinning - Start selling those new TLDs!

Let's face it, most people often have a pretty good idea of the domain name they want. They come to your site, type in the name they're looking for, and if it's available, they buy it. And that's great. But do you know what's even better? If they buy 2, or 3, or even more domains... And that's where Namespinning comes in.

Powered by our partner eNom, the new Namespinner functionality in 6.0 allows you to present intelligent additional suggestions to users when they're searching for a domain name to buy, with a single aim - to make sure YOU get the sale. If their desired domain is taken, they get a list of alternatives they might be interested in. If they only have a keyword in mind, they get a list of possible domain names they could use. And if they don't like the first 10 suggestions they get, they can request 10 more. And again, and again, all the way up to 100 possible suggestions per search. It also allows you to effortlessly promote New TLDs.

All it requires is that you have an eNom account, and if you don't, you're in luck, because every WHMCS user can get one on us for free @


Easier PayPal Subscription Management

WHMCS has always been great at creating subscriptions with PayPal that allow your users to automatically pay you each time they're due. However, what we didn't have until now was the ability to automatically cancel a subscription. That's about to change.

In 6.0, any time you terminate a customers product, or a customer submits a cancellation request, WHMCS will automatically communicate to PayPal that the subscription should also be terminated. Say goodbye to subscriptions ongoing after cancellations, and the process of having to refund them and remove credits. We really can't wait for this one!

Responsive Admin Area

We weren't happy with making just the Client Area responsive and mobile friendly. Work is well underway on also making the admin area responsive, so it's mobile and tablet friendly too. Now there's still a ways to go yet - there's a lot of parts to the admin area you know! - but over the coming months we'll be introducing more and more responsive behavior to the admin area to make it possible to login to WHMCS and use it in a more optimised way, with whatever device you use.

That's it for another 6.0 preview, but stay tuned, as next week we'll have a more in depth look at the new client area, and some of the new functionality that's coming with that. Until then, have a great week!

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

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