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Licensing Addon Version 3.0 Now Available

By Matt / February 9th, 2012

Today we are pleased to announce a major new update to the Licensing Addon for WHMCS.

For those of you that don't know, the WHMCS Licensing Addon is a solution for licensing and distributing your own software and applications, extending WHMCS into a tool that can be used to generate and issue licenses to your customers, with automatic revokation upon non-payment, and access control to associated product downloads. It is the same licensing solution that we use ourselves here for WHMCS itself, and so you can be sure it is a robust and reliable solution should you be looking for a way to protect your code. Find out more @

So what's new in Version 3.0?

Free Trial Option - this new per product/license setting allows you to specify if a license is a free trial item, and if so restricts the use to one instance of the license per domain, thus preventing repeated free trial usages by the same user

Public License Verification Tool - this client facing license validation tool allows users to enter a domain name or IP address on your website, and check if that domain is licensed, allowing your users to help you in the fight against software piracy

Banned Domains - this new feature allows you to ban domains and/or IP addresses from being able to be issued to your licenses, particularly useful for example in cases of license abuse or fraud

Intelligent Search Integration - a feature that will become available with the main WHMCS V5.1 update next month is that you will be able to search license keys by domain and IP address as part of the admin intelligent search system

Added Maximum Allowed Reissues Limit - this option allows you to limit the number of reissues a customer is allowed to perform. Once the limit is reached, they will be forced to contact you to perform any further reissues

Auto Logs Prune - this option allows you to have the license access logs automatically pruned daily to prevent the logs growing infinitely in size

This update will be available to download from the client area shortly for anybody who has purchased the licensing addon for their WHMCS license key.

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