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WHD Global 2014


This week we attended and exhibited at 2014 - the world's largest annual hosting event.

This was our first time exhibiting at a conference in Europe, and so it was great to get to meet so many of our European users, many for the first time, and many of whom we've been working with and talking to for years.

If you missed it, we've uploaded some pictures from the event to our official Flickr account.

Conferences are always a great opportunity to connect with users of our product, and to talk with customers about what we've been working on, and what you can expect to see from us in the coming weeks and months. And right now we really have a lot to talk about - there's our automatic update utility (which by the way is now super close to entering public beta status), as well as deeper cPanel integration, and an all-new fully responsive mobile (and tablet) friendly client area theme.

I'll soon be reaching out to members of our beta community about this, as one thing that attending conferences always re-confirms for us, is that our users really care about what we do, and we love that and want our users to be involved so we can benefit from all of your experiences and ideas. The new theme is way more than just a fresh coat of paint too, and so right now we're demoing and working on it with some of our closest partners, so stay tuned for more on that.

There's a lot more we're working on too, but I can't reveal all just yet... maybe if you come and hang out with us in Miami at HostingCon, we might just be able to let you in on it then :)

Posted by Matt on Sunday, April 6th, 2014

WHMCS Security Advisory TSR-2014-0002

WHMCS has released new updates for all supported versions of WHMCS. These updates include changes that address security concerns within the WHMCS product.

WHMCS has rated these updates as having a moderate to trivial security impact. Information on security ratings can be found at

Please update your installation to one of the following versions:

Patches - What is a Patch?

Incremental patches can be downloaded by following the links below.

These patch sets contain only the files that have changed between the previous release and this update. The previous release version that these patch sets are designed for is clearly indicated as the first and smaller number.

5.3.5 --> 5.3.6
MD5 Checksum: 42dd3cd44e1fc9308e9b7ecb0a3b956d

5.2.16 --> 5.2.17
MD5 Checksum: 542b2eb940066317d3190e2cf9986ee0

Need a patch for an older version? Visit our downloads page:

To apply a patch set release, download the files as indicated above. Then follow the upgrade instructions for a "Patch Set" which can be found at

Full Release - What is a Full Release?

A full release distribution contains all the files of a WHMCS product installation. It can be used to both perform a new installation or update an existing one (regardless of previous version).
5.3.6 Full Version - Download Now
MD5 Checksum: 4a136a87e2c360350daa2cf7d8b7a048

To apply a full release, download the release from the URL above. Then follow the upgrade instructions for a "Full Release Version" which can be found at

Security Issue Information

The security changes in these releases address 11 privately reported issues through our security bounty program, and 1 issue discovered internally by the WHMCS Development Team. The issues addressed are rated as having Moderate to Trivial security impact.

Once sufficient time has passed to allow WHMCS customers to update their installed software, WHMCS will release additional information regarding the nature of the security issues.

Maintenance Issue Information

This release also provides resolution for a number of maintenance issues. For full details please refer to the change logs for each respective version:
All published and supported versions of WHMCS prior to 5.3.6 are affected by one or more of these maintenance and security issues.

Posted by Matt on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

WHMCS Welcomes it's Newest Partner: ModulesGarden


In the past few months, we ceased offering custom development services to allow us to focus more directly on core product development and specifically projects that have a broader benefit to our entire customer base.

Being accessible and easily extendable to developers is one of the key things that has helped WHMCS get to where it is today. And so in doing this, it was very important to us that we still had a solution that we could offer to clients for customising their WHMCS installation - from creating reports, to creating custom modules and hooks, to adding whole new functionality.

And that's where ModulesGarden comes in. ModulesGarden have been doing custom development work for WHMCS since 2011 and they've worked with some big names - OpenSRS and OnApp to name just two. We've also been recommending them for some time now, and the feedback we have been getting from clients who have used them has been very positive.

So today we are pleased to announce we have now created a formal partnership with them. ModulesGarden is our preferred development company, and we are proud to recommend them for all your WHMCS customization needs. Custom Development Services offered by ModulesGarden include:

  • Custom Gateway Module Development
  • Custom Registrar Module Development
  • Custom Provisioning Module Development
  • Custom Addon Module Development
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Hooks
  • Custom Theme Development

To celebrate this partnership, ModulesGarden will be joining us at our booth at World Hosting Day 2014 in Rust, Germany all next week, to talk with clients about custom module development and how we can work together to create additional functionality for your installation of WHMCS.

WHMCS Upcoming Events:

So if you're needing custom development work, be sure to check out their page in our partners area @

Posted by WHMCS Aaron on Monday, March 24th, 2014

WHMCS Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Update Released

An update has been made available to the WHMCS Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Addon and can be downloaded from our Members Area.

This update features improvements to the online admin interface, multi-device PUSH messaging support for chat notifications and the ability to insert Knowledgebase Articles from WHMCS directly into your chat responses.

For a full list of changes, please refer to the changelog @

To upgrade, please refer to the instructions @

About WHMCS Live Chat & Visitor Tracking
The WHMCS Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Addon provides real-time visitor monitoring and direct access to a logged-in users profile, products & services and other vital information to aid in providing support quickly. Integration directly with the ticket system allows open tickets to be reviewed, the user of predefined replies and logging of chat transcripts alongside ticket history. For more information please refer to

Posted by Matt on Monday, March 17th, 2014

WHMCS Insights: Client Service Status Filtering

Something you might have missed in the recent 5.3 release was a feature that provides the ability to filter a clients products, services, addons and domains on the Clients Summary page.

Now you might be thinking why do I want this, and if you are, here's a couple of scenarios to consider...

  • Imagine you have a client with lots of products/services, and you want to prorate all of their active services to bill on the same date. Well now it's easy, instead of having to look through the entire list, ticking the individual checkboxes next to just the active items, now you can simply filter for Active services, check all, and perform the mass action.
  • Now take the same scenario but this time you have a client who has multiple suspended products, simply filter for suspended items, check all and again perform a mass action to unsuspend them.
  • And even consider a situation where you're a support technician and you just don't need to see items with a fraud or pending status - those being there slow down you finding what you really need, and so it would be great if they just didn't show up there in the first place, and now you can do just that.
So, how do you use it... Begin by visiting the Client Summary page for a client and about half-way down, on the right hand side, you should see a new Status Filter button (if you don't, make sure you updated those templates when upgrading:

By default the filter will be Off, and the button will reflect this. But click it and you'll see the statuses you can choose from.


Toggle the checkboxes for any of the statuses and hit apply and you'll see the button change to green to indicate a filter is applied, and the lists update in real-time to show only the services matching the statuses you have selected.


And what's more, any filters you apply persist for the duration of your session and so if you apply a filter, and then navigate to another client, that same filter will still be be applied.

Want to remove the filter again? Simply open the filter options, tick the "Check All" box and hit apply. Simple as that.

I hope you'll find this as much of a time saver as I already am.

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

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