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WHMCS Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Update Released

An update has been made available to the WHMCS Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Addon and can be downloaded from our Members Area.

This update features improvements to the online admin interface, multi-device PUSH messaging support for chat notifications and the ability to insert Knowledgebase Articles from WHMCS directly into your chat responses.

For a full list of changes, please refer to the changelog @

To upgrade, please refer to the instructions @

About WHMCS Live Chat & Visitor Tracking
The WHMCS Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Addon provides real-time visitor monitoring and direct access to a logged-in users profile, products & services and other vital information to aid in providing support quickly. Integration directly with the ticket system allows open tickets to be reviewed, the user of predefined replies and logging of chat transcripts alongside ticket history. For more information please refer to

Posted by Matt on Monday, March 17th, 2014

WHMCS Insights: Client Service Status Filtering

Something you might have missed in the recent 5.3 release was a feature that provides the ability to filter a clients products, services, addons and domains on the Clients Summary page.

Now you might be thinking why do I want this, and if you are, here's a couple of scenarios to consider...

  • Imagine you have a client with lots of products/services, and you want to prorate all of their active services to bill on the same date. Well now it's easy, instead of having to look through the entire list, ticking the individual checkboxes next to just the active items, now you can simply filter for Active services, check all, and perform the mass action.
  • Now take the same scenario but this time you have a client who has multiple suspended products, simply filter for suspended items, check all and again perform a mass action to unsuspend them.
  • And even consider a situation where you're a support technician and you just don't need to see items with a fraud or pending status - those being there slow down you finding what you really need, and so it would be great if they just didn't show up there in the first place, and now you can do just that.
So, how do you use it... Begin by visiting the Client Summary page for a client and about half-way down, on the right hand side, you should see a new Status Filter button (if you don't, make sure you updated those templates when upgrading:

By default the filter will be Off, and the button will reflect this. But click it and you'll see the statuses you can choose from.


Toggle the checkboxes for any of the statuses and hit apply and you'll see the button change to green to indicate a filter is applied, and the lists update in real-time to show only the services matching the statuses you have selected.


And what's more, any filters you apply persist for the duration of your session and so if you apply a filter, and then navigate to another client, that same filter will still be be applied.

Want to remove the filter again? Simply open the filter options, tick the "Check All" box and hit apply. Simple as that.

I hope you'll find this as much of a time saver as I already am.

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

WHMCS V5.3.5 Released

WHMCS 5.3.5 is now available to download.

This update addresses 4 specific issues identified following the 5.3.4 release.

You may download either an incremental patch set (only for 5.3.4 upgrades) or the full file version (valid for upgrading any previous version or for new installs) via our Downloads Page.



Release Notes:

Note to 5.3.3 Users

If you are running Version 5.3.3 currently, and do not wish to use the full version to upgrade, then you can apply the 5.3.4 incremental patch set followed by the 5.3.5 incremental patch set. Both of these are made available via the Downloads page.

IMPORTANT: For each incremental patch set you wish to apply, remember to visit the Admin area and confirm the appropriate version number is displayed before applying a subsequent incremental patch set.

Posted by Matt on Thursday, February 20th, 2014

WHMCS V5.3.4 Released

WHMCS 5.3.4 is now available to download.

This release contains scheduled maintenance improvements and other fixes for the 5.3 series.

For a full list of changes, please refer to the changelog @

You may download either an incremental patch set (only for 5.3.3 upgrades) or the full file version (valid for upgrading any previous version or for new installs) via our Downloads Page.



Release Notes:

Posted by Matt on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

WHMCS V5.3.3 Released


We are pleased to announce the public release of WHMCS 5.3.

The release today is the culmination of months of hard work by both our development team and all those who signed up and participated in our beta testing program.

In WHMCS 5.3, our focus has been on improving the stability, reliability and performance of WHMCS, which includes fixing over 250 reported bugs, as well as some fundamental redesigns of the core logic which provides us a fantastic platform upon which to build and develop WHMCS going forward.

Security has also been a real focus in 5.3. Following the successful launch of our Security Bounty program towards the end of last year, we've seen a real positive engagement from security researchers and analysts, and the recent planned and targeted security release addressing privately reported issues were the first results from that.

5.3 is also our first major release since introducing a dedicated Quality Assurance team, whose efforts are helping ensure that releases are now better exercised and vetted than ever before prior to public releases. We're making a significant investment in this area, and we re-iterate our commitment to providing the industry leading billing and support solution for web hosts.

This is our first major release of 2014 and sets the foundations for some very ambitious and exciting plans that we have to deliver many more improvements and features throughout the year.

So go ahead, download the latest WHMCS release from our Members Area and upgrade today.

Release Notes:

As always, thank you for choosing WHMCS.


Posted by Matt on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

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