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WHMCS Version 5.2.2 Release Announcement

By Matt / March 15th, 2013

WHMCS V5.2.2 is now available for all WHMCS license holders to download.

This is a maintenance update to address issues reported in the V5.2.1 release earlier this week.

One of the key additions is additional backwards compatibility for modules and custom pages written for earlier versions. This will mean that custom pages should require *NO* changes to continue functioning exactly as before.

Another point of note is that with the V5.2.1 update, the ResellerClub and all other LogicBoxes based modules were updated to use the new API Key method of integration which is safer and more secure, and so if you are a user of any LogicBoxes based domain registrar module in WHMCS you will need to enter an API Key in the Setup > Domain Registrars page before you can continue using it.

Please also be aware that if you use the live chat addon, an update is required to that for compatability with WHMCS V5.2.x. This update is available to download from our client area also.

This is a changed files only update which means applying it to your installation is a simple case of downloading the files and uploading them to your WHMCS directory. No install or upgrade process is required.

Visit our members area to download it now:

The full change log for this release can be found @

We thank you for choosing WHMCS.

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