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SSL Automation in WHMCS 7.2

By Matt / April 19th, 2017


At WHMCS, our mission has always been to automate web hosting, removing the reliance on manual processes which in turn reduces costs and support calls for you. And in WHMCS 7.2, that's exactly what we've done with SSL, delivering functionality that provides you with fully automated Purchasing, Provisioning and Installation of SSL Certificates from the world's leading SSL brands - RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Symantec.

Why SSL?

SSL presents a huge opportunity for you and your hosting business in 2017.

This year, Google, Mozilla, and other internet companies have embarked on a mission to make insecure HTTP a thing of the past.

Major browsers have begun actively telling users that HTTP is not secure and with each update, the warnings are becoming more and more prominent. Most recently, Firefox and Chrome introduced warnings that appear directly below form fields on pages using HTTP, in addition to the "Not Secure" warning in the browser address bar introduced back in January.

These changes, in addition to the privacy and security benefits, mean HTTPS is fast becoming a necessity for all sites. That's why in WHMCS 7.2, we've added the following to ensure sure you're prepared to deliver SSL solutions to your customers.

What's New?

Pre-Made SSL Landing Pages

SSL can be confusing. It's technical, with terminology and value that many users don't immediately understand. There's also multiple different types of certificate, each with their own specific requirements and benefits. We believe that with proper content and presentation, users can easily understand the value of your SSL offerings. So in WHMCS 7.2, we're giving you ready-made landing pages that make it easier than ever to promote and communicate SSL to your customers. These pages instantly provide you the messaging to express the value of SSL and why they should add it to their site.

Fully Automated Provisioning and Installation

SSL has always been a little clunky. There's a lot of steps involved, many of them manual, with many variables that can affect them.

But with WHMCS 7.2, SSL Certificates are now purchased, provisioned and installed to cPanel Web Hosting accounts fully automatically. We'll not only purchase the certificate, but also generate the CSR, submit to the Certificate Issuer, and then install it as soon as it is issued. The whole process takes only a matter of minutes.

This automation means customers get a better, simpler and more streamlined experience, with fully automatic issuance and setup of SSL.

New and Improved Shopping Cart UX

The shopping cart user experience for SSL has been enhanced with a new way to display the wide range of SSL options to customers. You're able to choose exactly what SSL products you wish to offer, and the Shopping Cart will display them in an intuitive and friendly way for users to choose from.

This functionality is also being made available to 3rd party developers via new hook points.

Built-in Upsells and Promotions

WHMCS 7.2 comes with optional upsells and promotions that you can enable to help market the SSL offerings. Upsells provide users with SSL upgrade suggestions based on the initial selections they make seamlessly integrated into the checkout experience. We've also included options to promote SSL within the client area. These promotions are shown to existing customers which are dynamically based on the products the user currently has. For example, when a user has shared hosting but no SSL products, a DV SSL promotion will be shown. Likewise, if the user already has DV level protection, an EV SSL promotion will be shown instead.

Automatic Product Setup

There are many different types of certificates, each with differing features and varying terms. Where previously setting up products for these would have been manual and potentially time consuming, in WHMCS 7.2 we've done the hard work so you don't have to. Providing you with one-click instant activation and setup of all the RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Symantec certificates - you can be setup and selling SSL in a matter of minutes.

Available now in Beta, upgrade to WHMCS 7.2 today and you can add fully automated SSL to your product line-up in minutes with our One-Click instant activation.

Thanks for reading!

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