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Introducing WHMCS MarketConnect

By Matt / March 30th, 2017

Increase your average revenue per customer with WHMCS MarketConnect.

With fully automated one-click setup and everything you need to begin selling, WHMCS MarketConnect enables you to begin offering additional services such as SSL, Website Builder and Business Level Email Protection in minutes and with full automation.

What is WHMCS MarketConnect?

WHMCS MarketConnect is a platform through which you can resell products and services to your customers via your WHMCS installation.

With WHMCS MarketConnect, we simplify the process of offering additional services, removing the need to install 3rd party modules, signing up with vendors, investing time learning and configuring new systems, and even providing ready made marketing materials. What’s more, by taking complete control of the end to end provisioning process of services, it enables us to provide a better experience to you and your customers with deeper integration and more automation than ever before.

Signing up is fast, with no upfront deposit required, and within minutes you can activate and add any of the available services to your product line-up. With a quick and easy one-click setup, and with everything you need to start marketing and promoting services to your customers, WHMCS MarketConnect is a great opportunity to expand your product line-up.


SSL Certificates from Symantec

Browsers are changing and SSL is becoming a requirement of any modern website. Web pages not served via HTTPS will be marked 'not secure' in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and as the world's most popular browsers, this will affect nearly 70% of global internet traffic.

This presents a huge opportunity for web hosting providers, and at WHMCS, we are delivering web hosting providers the tools to enable them to meet the SSL needs of their customers.

With WHMCS MarketConnect you get:

  • Pre-built landing pages to help market and educate your SSL offerings
  • Proven promotions and up-sells integrated throughout the user experience
  • Fully Automated SSL Issuance and Installation*
  • Setup and start selling in minutes
Symantec is the leading source of trust online, securing 90% of Fortune 500 companies. Symantec's SSL brands include RapidSSL and GeoTrust, giving you a complete suite of SSL products for every business level.

Website Builder from Weebly

Setting up a website for the first time can often be a daunting and challenging experience for users, but with Weebly's Website Builder, you can offer your customers an easy to use solution allowing them to create a site without any technical skills required.

In recent months numerous internet technology companies have been increasing investment in the site creator as a product to lead with. Go to market with a site builder that will accelerate your success in converting the large offline market to online paying customers to you.

With 3 different levels of plans to choose from, the Weebly Site Builder platform lets your users create a professional site, blog or online store in minutes. Once the site is ready, it will be published to your web hosting automatically.

With WHMCS MarketConnect and Weebly you get:

  • Pre-built landing page to market and promote the Weebly Website Builder offering
  • Integrated promotions and up-sells throughout the user experience
  • Fully automated setup and website publishing
  • Single Sign-On from your client area
Email Filtering & Archiving from SpamExperts

Viruses, malware and spam are a huge problem for email today with some estimates suggesting as many as 7 out of every 10 emails sent are spam. With SpamExperts, you can offer your customers a solution.

There are 3 services available:

  • Incoming Scanning - Eliminate Spam & Viruses from email before they ever reach your network
  • Outgoing Email Filtering - Safeguard your reputation and prevent Spam & Viruses from ever unknowingly leaving your network
  • Email Archiving - Offering Backup and Compliance to ensure you never lose an email again and ensure email data integrity for legal compliance
With WHMCS MarketConnect and SpamExperts you get:

  • Pre-built landing page to market and promote Email Services
  • Fully automated setup and provisioning*
  • Single Sign-On from the client area

To learn more, download the WHMCS MarketConnect PDF Brochure.

WHMCS MarketConnect is launching soon along with WHMCS 7.2 and a whole heap of other new features. WHMCS 7.2 Public Beta will begin shortly.

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