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WHMCS Version 7.0.2 Released

By Matt / November 28th, 2016

We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 7.0.2.

This is a maintenance release for the 7.0 series of WHMCS that includes bug fixes & other updates.

Users of WHMCS 7 can update automatically using the Automatic Updater. Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the process.

We are also providing both a full release and incremental patch set upgrade for manual updates. If you are running the immediate previous release 7.0.1, you can use the incremental patch set to upgrade. Go to downloads

ResellerClub & LogicBoxes API Compatibility Update

As noted in our recent blog post, the New Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) goes into effect on December 1st, 2016. Version 7.0.2 contains an update to the ResellerClub & other LogicBoxes registrar modules to maintain compatibility with changes in their API.

We are also providing a patch for WHMCS 6.x versions. If you are running WHMCS v6 and use the ResellerClub, NetEarthOne, StarGate or ResellerCamp modules, please download and apply the LogicBoxes IRTP API patch; no further update process is required.

Get the Update | Release Notes | Upgrade Instructions | Changelog

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