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Feature Spotlight: Domain Lookups

By Robert / August 11th, 2016

WHMCS 7.0 improves the way you interact with, showcase and sell domains from your WHMCS installation. Using techniques that are proven to increase conversions, we've introduced the ability to feature extensions that we're calling Spotlight TLDs. We've also added domain sale groups that allow you to draw attention to key extensions, the ability for customers to upgrade to longer registration periods during checkout and a more refined domain lookup user experience. Which is all integrated into the hosting purchase flow and up to 50% quicker than the previous domain checker tool.

Put a spotlight on your domain offerings.
Spotlight TLDs allow you to highlight the extensions you want and put them front and center. Put the spotlight on up to eight extensions, to highlight your top selling extensions, new extensions or just special promotions. Extensions that have been marked as a spotlight appear at the top of the Domain Lookup results, driving visibility to new extensions which were previously hidden.

Increase visibility with sales groups.
We've also added sales groups. Sales Groups let you tag extensions in an eye-catching and attention grabbing way. Making selected extensions stand out to prospective clients enabling you to showcase what's hot & trending. With sales groups, you can run sales and promotions on your best selling extensions as well as increase visibility to some of the newer, less heard of extensions. Driving sales to these extensions, which typically have higher margins, can lead to increased revenue. This feature combined with domain spotlights will give you a competitive edge when selling domains.

For example if a customer was to search for the domain they would find that it is already taken and be given a list of suggestions. Your suggestions are based on the extensions you offer and pricing. If you offer new extensions such as .social or .host add them to your spotlight and decide to also run a sale on .social, when a search is preformed your clients will see .host and .social suggestions highlighted, emphasizing their availability. Additionally .social will be shown with a Sale tag, alerting the client you are running a sale. There are many ways to utilize the new Spotlight and Sale Group functionality in WHMCS 7. We encourage you to get creative and start selling.

Sell more domains faster.
We've added two new promo blocks to the domain UI, Web Hosting and Transfer Your Domain, both of which provide a link to the primary product category. With domain transfer we've simplified the process for end users, it is now easier than ever to transfer a domain using WHMCS. Transferring a domain will automatically extend the domain for a year, if applicable.
The new Domain Lookup features work natively with the standard WHOIS and eNom Namespinner. Domains are added to the cart for the minimum term by default, but features a drop down that allows customers to change the term. After a registration period has been chosen it can always be changed once in the cart.

This is designed to optimize your checkout flow while making the process of finding the perfect domain easier for the customer. By making the process of finding the perfect domain easier for the customer and providing additional visibility to new extensions we are helping you maximize conversions and increase sales.

Download the beta and upgrade to the latest version to test the new functionality out for yourself. By joining the beta team you'll be entered to win weekly prizes from WHMCS. Find more information, interact with our team and provide feedback in our forums.

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