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WHMCS Version 6.2 Pre-Release Announcement

By Matt / November 25th, 2015

Our team has been hard at work and a little over 2 months since our last big update, we're pleased to announce the pre-release launch of WHMCS Version 6.2.

Introducing 2 more new order forms, WHMCS Single Sign-On, Integration with cPanel, Invoice Drafts, Improved Client Search, Customer Retention Analytics and more, this is a very exciting release.

  • New Order Forms - Universal Slider perfect for offering any type of product with a slider based selection, and Supreme Comparison a matrix comparison style order form with support for up to 6 products compared horizontally.
  • Invoice Drafts - Now you can create and prepare invoices in a new Draft mode, hidden from clients until you're done allowing you to track and build invoices over time
  • Improved Client Search - Big new features are cool, but sometimes it's the little things that make the difference - and we think this will make a real difference. Navigating between and locating clients is now much easier with dynamic searchable dropdown menus.
  • WHMCS Single Sign-On - Making it possible for trusted third party applications to authenticate your users into WHMCS, this feature is leveraged through another new feature we're terming Application Links. More on this to come.
  • cPanel Integration - We've taken WHMCS Single Sign-On and leveraged a new feature coming in the next version of cPanel/WHM to allow your customers to transition from cPanel to WHMCS quickly, easily, and without re-authenticating
  • OpenID Connect - Implements OAuth 2.0 with support for OpenID Connect, users can now login to cPanel using their WHMCS Billing login credentials
  • Customer Retention Analytics - With products now storing the date they are terminated, a new report gives you insights into the average customer retention time for your products and services.
  • WHMCS Connect 2.0 - With search and a more unified interface, managing multiple servers has never been easier. Read last week's feature spotlight for more

We'll be posting more on the new WHMCS Single Sign-On and cPanel Integration in a feature spotlight within the next few days so stay tuned - we think you'll like it.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more, check out the Version 6.2 Release Notes for more in depth details on the new functionality.

Be among the first to experience and try out these awesome new features. Get involved and download WHMCS 6.2 today!

Get the Update | Release Notes | Documentation | Upgrade Instructions | Changelog

As always, please remember this is a pre-release version and is not recommended for production use.

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