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Feature Spotlight: System Health & Updates

By Sean / September 22nd, 2015

Version 6.1 will be out later today bringing with it a brand new feature designed to give you a clear and detailed insight into the overall system health and status of both your WHMCS installation and the hosting environment upon which it is installed.

Health Status

The new page, which can be accessed via the Help menu in 6.1 and later, will highlight any serious issues that require immediate attention as failures, with lesser serious issues highlighted in amber as warnings. Get all passes and you deserve a high five - your system is in top condition!

In addition to checking for the minimum server requirements required for WHMCS to run, it will also highlight things such as PHP extensions that while not required, help to ensure smooth and trouble free operation. As well as inform you when you are running a PHP version which is no longer actively supported and not receiving any more security or bug fixes.

Notice in the above screenshot how the page is alerting us to the fact that our cron has not competed successfully within the last 24 hours. Other examples of possible failures include email pop collection not running, insecure file and/or directory permissions and required PHP extensions missing. By bringing issues like these to administrative users attention as soon as they happen, we hope to make it easier to detect issues before they become a real problem.

On the top left hand side you can see what version you are running and if an update is available, along with quick and direct shortcuts to both the Release Notes and Changelog for further information specific to your version.

Below that, you'll find all the recent news & announcements from our blog, keeping you right up-to-date with all the latest news and developments from WHMCS HQ.

Ready to see how your system measures up?

Don't worry, you don't have long to wait, 6.1 will be released later today so come back soon!

Thanks for reading!

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