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Introduction to Sitejet Builder: Now available in WHMCS 8.10

By Matt / May 28th, 2024

Sitejet Builder is one of the newest products to the WebPros portfolio, and in our most recent release, became the newest integration available within WHMCS. In today's blog post, I'm going to cover what Sitejet Builder is, why you as a provider should care about it, and how to get started offering it in just a few simple steps.

What is Sitejet Builder?
Sitejet Builder is the Site Builder solution from WebPros that is being made available as part of the cPanel and Plesk license creating an integrated site editor experience for hosting providers. With Sitejet Builder, hosting providers can offer customers a powerful website builder experience that is fully integrated, and where sites upon publish are hosted on your own cPanel and Plesk hosting infrastructure.

Why is WebPros introducing Sitejet Builder to cPanel and Plesk?
As a provider of software solutions to the hosting industry, and for the providers who offer WebPros solutions to end users, we all play a critical role in enabling consumers of our solutions to establish and maintain their online presence.

We know that today, for many users, taking the first step of getting online with cPanel and Plesk powered web hosting can be a daunting experience, with lots of decisions to make, and for new users, often a steep learning curve. By offering a premium website building solution like Sitejet natively in cPanel and Plesk, we believe it will expand the market for hosting solutions powered by cPanel and Plesk, helping our hosting partners to remain relevant and expand & grow their businesses further by addressing new audiences.

Why should I offer Sitejet Builder to my customers?
We know that todays consumers are looking for quality experiences that allow them to accomplish the goals they set out to as quickly as possible. We believe a key component of achieving that, and improving the overall end user experience with WebPros powered web hosting, is to ensure that the tools are there to make that web hosting accessible to the widest audience possible, and make it easier for more of those users to achieve success. Enter, Sitejet Builder for cPanel and Plesk.

Sitejet Builder makes it easier for end users to build a website and get online. While not every user needs the help of a site builder, for those that do, having Sitejet Builder available can mean the difference between a customer finding success and remaining a customer for many years, or churning out and looking elsewhere for a provider that offers the tools they need to help them create an online presence. With Sitejet Builder now available in cPanel and Plesk, you can offer a point and click website builder experience that even the most novice of users can use to create a great looking website.

What's the end user experience for a user with a Sitejet enabled hosting plan?
For a user with Sitejet Builder available to them, a new panel will appear prominently on their customer portal dashboard showing a live real-time preview of their website and giving them direct access to edit their website with Sitejet.
The Sitejet Editor experience opens in the same window, allows them to build their website, and upon selecting to publish or exit the builder, the customer is returned directly to your WHMCS powered customer portal.

The result, end users are able to signup, build and publish a website, without ever needing to login to the cPanel or Plesk control panel, saving time and reducing the complexity.

How can I as a hosting provider offer Sitejet to my customers?
With the integration in WHMCS 8.10 and later, you have 3 choices for how you wish to offer Sitejet Builder to your customers:

1. Bundle it with every plan - This is the simplest option, where you simply include Sitejet Builder by default with all the hosting plans you offer. In this scenario, all your customers have access and will be able to access and use Sitejet should they wish.

2. Bundle it with selected plans - With this option, you can make Sitejet Builder available as a premium offering only on selected plans. Customers of plans which do not natively include Sitejet Builder will be shown messaging that guides them to upgrade to the necessary plan should they wish.

3. Offer it as a paid addon - With this option, you can make Sitejet Builder available to new and existing plans as a paid optional upgrade, both at the time of initial customer signup, as well as later at any point during the customer lifecycle. Customers of plans that do not have access to Sitejet Builder but for which an addon is available will be shown messaging and a link to purchase the Sitejet addon should they wish.
Ok I'm convinced. How do I get started?
Getting started offering Sitejet Builder with WHMCS is quick and easy. First, ensure you are running WHMCS 8.10 or later. Then navigate to Utilities > Sitejet Builder where a guided experience will walk you through the process.

What if I don't want to offer Sitejet Builder to my customers?
It's easy to not offer Sitejet Builder. Sitejet Builder is a package/plan level feature inside cPanel and Plesk. Opting not to offer it is as simple as disabling the feature in your control panel hosting packages and plans. WHMCS will recognise the offering not being available, and when not available, and no upsell paths being configured, no Sitejet Builder messaging will be shown to your end users.

That's all for this introduction. Offering the Sitejet Site Builder as part of your hosting services is a strategic move that empowers your customers and enables your services to appeal to a wider audience. Embrace the power of Sitejet today and in just a few simple steps, you can be offering an integrated site builder experience.

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