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Feature Spotlight: Client Area Home Page SSO

By Matt / May 12th, 2022

Get ready to elevate your customer experience with the new Client Area Home Page Single Sign-On functionality in WHMCS 8.5.

Providing fast, easy and convenient access to the services your customers have purchased from you is one of the primary functions of the WHMCS client portal, and in WHMCS 8.5, we've made it even easier.

In WHMCS 8.5 and later, your customers can access their cPanel and Plesk web hosting services using single sign-on technology directly from the Client Area Home Page without having to re-authenticate.

This saves time and improves the experience for your customers with faster and more convenient access to their web hosting and other services.

No more forgotten passwords, less clicks needed and faster.

Here's how it looks and works:

The Active Products & Services panel has been relocated to the top of the client home page dashboard, increased to 100% width, and will now provide differing shortcuts depending on the type of service being leveraged.

For cPanel Shared Hosting packages, users get shortcuts to Login to cPanel and Webmail. For cPanel Reseller Hosting packages, users get access to both cPanel and Webmail, but also WHM. It's a similar story for Plesk.

On mobile, the shortcut buttons remain present but collapse into a dropdown to provide the same convenience and speed of access, without taking up vital scrolling real-estate.

Developers can also take advantage of this functionality to provide access to additional 3rd party services via custom modules using new Custom Actions functionality. Developer documentation will be made available for this with the release of 8.5 RC shortly.

If you have any questions, we invite you to ask them in the comments below.

WHMCS 8.5 is available in beta now, so download and try it today!

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