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New in WHMCS 8.2: Site Builder in MarketConnect

By Sarah / June 28th, 2021

Some web hosting customers are experienced, self-sufficient users: they know exactly what they want, they can create a great website themselves (or will pay someone to), and they don't really need a lot from you, their hosting provider, to get up and running quickly. Then, there's the large number of customers who also need a website fast but don't have the knowledge needed to create a website themselves. They might be unable to use a professional website designer. Maybe they're reluctant to hire someone for what they perceive to be a simple job. How can web hosting companies take care of this type of customer?

A website builder, one that's easy to use and produces high-quality results, can give your customers the experience they want and need. Instead of a hosting plan being one part of the puzzle, it can be bundled with a website builder to create a one-stop solution for simple websites. For the last several years, WHMCS MarketConnect has provided a way to meet this need with several Weebly plans that you can offer your customers, with everything from purchase to provisioning automated, helping you create easy revenue streams for your business.

Now, in WHMCS 8.2, we're excited to offer another website builder option with its own unique benefits: Site Builder.

An unbranded Site Builder provides a bespoke experience
One of Site Builder's best benefits for hosting providers is its built-in 100% unbranded experience.

Unbranded products are provided by a company (in this case,, with automated provisioning from WHMCS) and allow other companies (in this case, your hosting company) to present a product without a visible brand attached. No logos and no names; they just get a great feature. It can give the impression that it was made by your hosting company itself.

In the case of Site Builder, none of the graphical assets or other contents of the Site Builder interface will reference WHMCS or Your customers will see a great product that comes bundled with their web hosting plan, and you sell access to a quality site builder. Overall, unbranded products unclutter your customers' experiences and put the focus on creating great websites instead of who made the tools.

When your company offers an unbranded product like Site Builder, your customers may never know that product isn't exclusive to your hosting company. It can improve your brand's image, since customers will view your in-house offerings as comprehensive. It can also make your offerings more attractive to potential new clients whose needs you're now meeting.

Everything your customers need for a great website
In Site Builder, your customers can create a website easily, including images, videos, and text, all in a simple-to-use drag-and-drop interface on desktop. Website updates can be made on the move with a fully-supported mobile editor. A built-in photo editor makes it easy to crop photos, add effects, and more. For experienced website creators, there's also the option to add custom code to blocks of the page.

Do your customers want their own online stores? Just like website pages, adding products to a shop is easy with drag-and-drop editing. Ecommerce features help make the sale with minimal effort: real-time shipping rate calculations, tax calculations, and inventory control let store owners take care of business. It's easy to accept payment through many payment providers, gift cards, and more.

No design skills are needed to create an attractive, professional website: Site Builder includes over 150 website templates, created by professional designers, at no additional cost. Over 200,000 stock photos are available for use on every website. Everything's unlimited: templates, images, videos, and almost anything else to include in a website.

There are options beyond this, too. Pages can be password-protected with just a few clicks, and contact forms and mailing list subscription boxes are just as easy as setting up any other page. Mailchimp and social media integrations are built in, SEO tools make sure these great websites are seen, and Google Analytics integration displays website traffic effortlessly.

A FREE Open Trial
When you start offering Site Builder to your customers, you won't just be asking them to buy access sight-unseen. Instead, Site Builder includes a freemium "Open Trial" plan that allows your customers to build their entire site, only paying when they're done and want to publish the new website on their domain. That's access to over 200,000 professional high-resolution photos, over 150 website templates, over 350 predesigned content blocks, and access to all of Site Builder's other great features, all without any extra charge. The only restriction is that you can't publish the site until you upgrade from the Open Trial.

It's included by default for every eligible hosting plan your customers purchase, though customers purchasing hosting packages are able to opt out during the configuration and checkout processes. For customers who want a Site Builder website, all they have to do is purchase an upgraded Site Builder plan when they're ready to go live. It's easily accessible through the premade MarketConnect promotion and upsell banners included in the Client Area.

One-click publishing
It just takes one click to publish websites live to the user's domain. Then, they can be updated or added to at any time. These sites are a perfect option for small businesses and others in need of an easy-to-create web presence.

Websites made with this site builder won't just look great on desktops: they'll seamlessly resize for mobile devices and tablets with completely responsive design. The mobile version of the site can be reviewed at any time in the process through handy buttons at the top of the editor. These websites will also automatically be optimized for fast load times. Site Builder in MarketConnect
As a MarketConnect product, this unbranded Site Builder comes with premade landing pages, promotions, upsells, and more. MarketConnect's automation and provisioning will ensure that your hosting company can bring in sales and make customers happy without worrying about writing email templates or creating new pages for your online store. Just enable Site Builder for MarketConnect in the Admin Area and watch your customers purchase your new offerings!

Next steps
This new website builder is a fantastic option to offer to your customers as you grow your company. It's made to be equally useful to first time website creators and experienced professionals.

WHMCS 8.2 recently debuted on our production-ready release tiers. Once you update, it just takes a few minutes to get started with Site Builder at Configuration > System Settings > MarketConnect.

You can find out more about MarketConnect here and how to enable MarketConnect products here.

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