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WHMCS at CloudFest 2021

By Sarah / March 11th, 2021

CloudFest, the world's largest conference for Cloud Computing and Web Hosting, returns this year on an all-digital platform. CloudFest started as WebHostingDay in 2004 and is now the Cloud Festival, with a home in Germany's largest theme park. The three-day event includes educational sessions, networking, and exciting late-night events.

Even a global pandemic can't stop CloudFest with this year's 100% online conference, which is packed with events, workshops, a virtual expo hall, and so much more. CloudFest Online brings even more to the table with a reduced price that won't break the bank, since you're getting all the value without the expenses of entry fees and travel expenses. Just pay what you can, or enjoy everything for free.

Three Days, Three Themes
This year, each day of the three-day conference includes a different theme:
  • Tuesday brings an exciting look into how The Intelligent Cloud lets artificial intelligence manage complex workloads. AI's advanced tools can impact technology, oversight, economics, and even morality. Most importantly, AI can make your systems more cost-effective and more efficient.
  • On Wednesday, web professionals can take a deep dive into Web Pros in the Cloud, with a focus on scalability, analytics, and creativity. COVID-19 has proven how crucial the cloud is for web professionals and how likely it is to become more and more vital as time goes on.
  • On the final day of CloudFest, you'll get to immerse yourself in The Secure Cloud, tackling your biggest concern: security. You'll learn more about how you can provide safe computing environments for your customers, with a focus on tools, processes, and partnerships.
Regardless of whether it's your 15th CloudFest or your first, this year's series of events offers value for every member of the cloud community.

Incredible Talks
If you want incredible keynote sessions, you can look forward to speakers from industry leaders like Intel, Toshiba, VMWare, PlusServer Group, Samsung, WIX, Sectigo, and many, many more. After the keynotes, you can stick around for a breakout track with talks on everything from hosting to data structure, AI, cloud services, security, design, CMS, and more.

WHMCS will be there each day, with talks on Wednesday, the Web Pros themed day, from us and our WebPros partners at cPanel and Plesk:
  • "Now it's time to Build" with Jens Meggers, WebPros CEO.
  • "The calculated risk of Open Source and the hosting industry" with Ken Power, cPanel VP of Product Development.
  • "A Platform for Builders: How to win web developers" with Jan Löffler, Plesk CTO.
  • "Billing for MSPs in the Age of Transformation" with Matt Pugh, WHMCS CEO.
For specific times and talk titles, check CloudFest's website.

The Party Won't Stop
Even as a 100%-online event, CloudFest will still party hard. Need a DJ? Gus Gus, a downtempo electronic pop duo from Iceland, will be playing live at the Sectigo ConneXtion Party. You never know, too; there might be more to come!

Giving Back
For the last few years, CloudFest has raised donations for EFK, helping to build a school in Guatemala with classrooms for 525 students. This year, they're at it again: Intel has gotten the ball rolling with a pledge of €3,000. You can get in on the giving, too; just go to the CloudFest charity page.

CloudFest is (Still) CloudFest
You may have heard that, as of this year, CloudFest has new ownership. It's true, too... sort of. The new owners include the original founders of CloudFest alongside WorldHostingDays, with WHD becoming WHD Events gmbH. In their official statement, CloudFest made sure to announce that "CloudFest is still CloudFest, and the CloudFest team is still the CloudFest team!" At WHMCS, we're looking forward to more from CloudFest and from Namescon in the months and years to come.

We're Looking Forward to Seeing You
This year will be an innovative event you're sure to remember. We're all more than ready to get back to Europa Park in 2022, but, in the meantime, we're looking forward to seeing you as we come together for a fantastic conference from the comfort of our homes and virtual offices. While you're enjoying CloudFest 2021, make sure to swing by the WHMCS virtual booth and attend the talks from WHMCS CEO Matt Pugh, WebPros, and our partners at cPanel and Plesk. We'll be in the networking rooms, too, so make sure to say hi.

If you haven't registered, now's the time! Click here to register, and then check the schedule for all of this year's events.

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