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Improved IDN Support in WHMCS 8.0

By Sarah / September 1st, 2020

We know that Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are important to you and your customers. We're improving IDN support in WHMCS 8.0 to allow registration and transfers.
Internationalized domain names
What's an IDN? If a domain name includes a language-specific script, like Hebrew, Arabic, or Chinese, or some types of Latin characters, it's probably an IDN. Normally, domain names are limited to ASCII characters, but some applications, like WHMCS, can work with specialized technology to allow for a wide range of additional characters.

IDNs are important for your customers because they let you exactly match the names of people and businesses, or match certain words in a given language. Maybe a website devoted to medieval science would want to use "æther" in its name. Without IDN technology, the "æther" would be impossible, but with it, they're up and running with no extra delays.

When you include IDNs in your product offerings, you're opening yourself up to a diverse and global customer base.
Our support
Beginning in version 8.0, we support IDN in eNom, ResellerClub, and all LogicBoxes modules, with support for additional registrars being possible through custom modules. We also now support IDN for TLD in addition to the existing support for SLD, and support transfers for all supported IDNs.

IDNs will display in a human-friendly format throughout WHMCS, as well as in Punycode in the Admin Area. You just need to enable IDN domains, if you haven't already, in Configuration > System Settings > General Settings > Domains.

During checkout for an IDN domain, WHMCS will ask for a language, regardless of whether it's registered in the Client or Admin Areas. You can then change the language at any time until domain registration is complete. There's also improved validation on entered IDN domains.
Creating a custom registrar module
If you want to use IDN with another registrar, you'll need to use a custom module. We've updated the RegisterDomain function to help with this, and a custom registrar module for IDN support won't require any new functions.

There are new parameters to pass to the register function for the module. For more about creating custom domain registrar modules, including the new parameters, see our Developer Documentation.
Getting started
Ready to start taking advantage of IDN support? The first step is upgrading to WHMCS 8.0. You can download the release candidate here.

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