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WHMCS 8.0 PHP Dependencies

By Sarah / August 12th, 2020

We're always looking for ways to improve performance and keep the WHMCS codebase current. In WHMCS 8.0, that includes updates to PHP and its dependencies.

For most WHMCS users, this won't change anything. If you maintain custom code like modules, hooks, or integration scripts, you may need updates to keep things working seamlessly. If you use anything from third-party vendors, check with them to make sure they're up-to-date.

So, how do you verify and update your code? Here's the rundown of what changed:
PHP 7.2
Starting in version 8, we're requiring at least PHP 7.2. For this, you're going to need to make sure you're using the right syntax. The PHP 7.2 Migration Guide can help you prepare for this.
Updated dependencies
We've updated many of our dependencies for these changes. We can't predict what your code will need, but we're providing a list of our changes in our release notes.

Some dependencies include particularly important changes, and we think they deserve special attention:
  • Carbon has been upgraded, with changes to some returns. Guzzle and Laravel have also had changes to returns.
  • Guzzle includes other changes, too, like changes in variable names and the storage of cookies. Some things have also been removed.
  • Laravel has also removed a few things, some of which are particularly important if you use Eloquent.
  • We updated Composer, and, as a result, updated a long list of Composer dependencies.
  • Some Smarty Security Policy parameters have changed. For more on this, see Smarty Security Policy .
Get started
Ready to get started updating your code? Check out our Upgrade to WHMCS v8.0 guide for more information about these changes, plus a list of all of the updated dependencies and their new versions.

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