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Feature Spotlight: Users and Client Accounts

By Matt / August 10th, 2020

With over 380 votes, the ability to access and manage multiple accounts using a single login is the most requested feature we had yet to deliver, and in WHMCS 8.0, we've done just that.

Behind the scenes, this is a significant and fundamental change to the way we manage user authentication in WHMCS, but on the frontend, it's a simple, powerful and flexible way for customers to manage and grant access to their account to other users.
In WHMCS 8.0, everybody who can login to the WHMCS client area is now known as a "User".

Each User has a basic profile and security credentials consisting of a password and optionally Two-Factor Authentication and/or Security Question.

Client Accounts
Formerly referred to as "Clients" (since they typically represented just one person or entity), Client Accounts is the new name for the entities that own products and services.

Each Client Account has an Owner - the User that previously would have been considered the "Client" - and that owner now has access to a new "User Management" page that allows them to view and manage all the Users who have access to their account, manage permissions, revoke access and invite new users to their account.
Invites can be sent to anybody at any time to grant them access to your account. Users who are invited will receive an email containing a link that allows them to accept the invite. An invite recipient can accept the invite either by logging in to an existing User account they already have, or by registering and creating a new one.
Switching Between Accounts
For Users who have access to multiple Client Accounts, upon login, they will be prompted to choose the Client Account they wish to access and manage.

A User can also access this page at any time via the Switch Account menu option within the User menu.
Support Tickets
With the ability for more users to have access to tickets, helping both users as well as your team understand who you are speaking to is even more important. So in WHMCS 8.0, we've added badges that identify the User and their relationship to the Client Account when working in support tickets.
Improved logging gives you better insight into who has performed actions, with new separation between the User performing the action, and the Client Account being acted upon to give you accurate and consistent logging.
To learn more about this feature and how it works, please refer to the documentation @

If you haven't tried the WHMCS 8.0 Beta yet, we invite you to download the beta and share your feedback @

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