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WHMCS Affiliate vs Reseller Program: What's the difference?

By Johnny / July 22nd, 2020

If you're looking to expand your product offering and create an added revenue stream, WHMCS has an Affiliate and Reseller Program allowing you to offer WHMCS to your customers. But what's the difference between the two and which one is right for you?

First, let's see the common benefits shared by both our Resellers and Affiliate Partners:
  • Added income stream - earn ongoing commission as an Affiliate or take advantage of the tiered pricing structure as a Reseller.
  • Bring in more new business - offering WHMCS can be the differentiator that makes customers choose you over the competition.
  • Provide more value to customers - provide your customers with an opportunity to build their own business using WHMCS. By helping them become more successful, you build a stronger relationship and customer loyalty and they stay longer as your customers.
  • Low to no cost setup - with only a small enrollment fee for Resellers and no fees for Affiliates, it's easy to get started.
WHMCS Reseller Program: Why become a Reseller?
Our Reseller Program is designed for web hosting providers to offer WHMCS licenses to direct resellers, VPS and/or dedicated hosting customers. You can get started with a small setup fee of $68.

As a Reseller, you have more control and options when it comes to provisioning and management of WHMCS licenses. There are 3 ways to provision license:
  • API to integrate the process yourself.
  • Free WHMCS license module pre-built to leverage directly with your existing WHMCS installation.
  • Reseller Portal where you can manually provision and manage licenses.
Resellers also have more control over price. We provide you with a license cost and you decide what level of price/discount to offer or, in some cases, offer WHMCS as a loss leader by bundling a license with premium reseller packages. Your cost is determined by volume and automatically reduces as you grow. With more flexibility, this is a good long-term option to help grow and mature a hosting reseller program.
WHMCS Affiliate Program: Why become an Affiliate?
Affiliates have less control but no cost to get started. Upon joining the Affiliate Program, you're instantly provided with a custom link to place on your website or share to refer customers and earn commissions.

As an Affiliate, you will earn 15% lifetime commissions on licenses that are purchased at our retail prices. This means you'll earn for the full life cycle of the customer and not just their initial purchase.

Unlike Resellers who are restricted to offering WHMCS only with hosting packages, as an Affiliate you can offer WHMCS as a standalone product and referred customers will receive their WHMCS license directly from us. You can place the affiliate link anywhere on your website, via email, or social media and other marketing content. You can also get creative by sharing your commission in the form of discounts or credits towards other products or direct services.
Who handles support?
As an Affiliate, since the referred customer has a direct WHMCS account, they will have full access to 24x7 WHMCS Support.

The WHMCS reseller program is unique to most channel programs where all license holders can receive direct support via a special reseller support link which does not require the license holder to have an account, therefore, all WHMCS specific questions can be referred directly via

What's best for me?
Whether you choose to become a Reseller or an Affiliate will depend on your short-term and long-term goals. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.
  • Do you offer a reseller hosting program, or do you primarily focus on design/development services?
  • How much time and resources are you looking to spend to launch WHMCS as an offering?
  • Are you looking for quicker residual income or looking to expand your hosting products long term?
  • How much control or what kind of flexibility are you looking for?
You may also find that you want to start as an Affiliate and grow into becoming a Reseller.

Create a new revenue stream and provide more value to your customers by becoming a WHMCS Reseller or Affiliate. Want to learn more or have questions?
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WHMCS Reseller Program:
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