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New WHMCS Mobile App FAQs

By Lia / July 3rd, 2020

4 weeks into the Technical Preview of the new WHMCS Mobile App, it's been great to see so many customers trying the app and sharing their feedback. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!

Our new Mobile app has been created to bring a modern mobile app experience to users of WHMCS with functionality that allows you to manage clients, orders, tickets and more, from wherever you are, and without the need to always be by your laptop.

We've collected some of the frequently asked questions we've received and answered them here.
Q: How do I download the new WHMCS Mobile App?
You can download the app from the Apple App and Google Play stores.
App Store:
Google Play:
Q: Do we need to pay for the app?
The Technical Preview has been made available free of charge to allow as many users as possible to try the new app.

Following the Technical Preview, ticket related functionality of the app will continue to available freely. However other functionality such as client and order management will be premium features for which you will be required to have a WHMCS Mobile license. WHMCS Mobile pricing will remain the same as today at just $2.99 per month per installation.
Q: I paid a one-time fee in the past for an older mobile app, do I have to take out a new subscription for the new app?
Yes, one-time purchases of any previous apps will not grant you access to the new mobile app. Developing and maintaining a mobile app has costs associated with it, and the subscription fees help us cover those costs.
Q: What's the minimum WHMCS version I need to use the new Mobile App?
At this time, the WHMCS Mobile app requires WHMCS 7.1 or later.
Q: Is there a tablet/iPad version of the mobile app?
We don't have plans for an iPad/tablet app at this time, but we are working to improve the experience of the native WHMCS admin area on touch-screen devices.
Q: When will more features be added?
We are working to add new functionality as quickly as we can and are releasing frequent updates throughout the Technical Preview. Updates are being published weekly with new functionality as well as stability and other improvements.
Q: When will the Technical Preview end?
Our priority is delivering a feature-rich and stable mobile app experience and so we expect the Technical Preview to run for several months while we continue to develop and evolve the functionality and stability of the apps.
Q: I'm getting this error: Unable to connect! You must configure an API Access Key to use WHMCS Mobile.
The WHMCS Mobile app uses the WHMCS API and an API Access Key is how you permit your mobile device access to the API. If you are receiving this error message it indicates an API Access Key has not yet been setup. To setup an API Access key, please follow the guide here:
Q: Where can I learn more about the new mobile app?
You can learn more on our dedicated microsite and in the community discussion boards:
Q: I've found an issue in the app, how do I report it?
We welcome bug reports via the feedback from at

If you haven't tried the new mobile app yet, the Technical Preview is free to download and available from the Apple App and Google Play stores now.

If you want to learn more about the new app, check out our blog post Introducing the new WHMCS Mobile App.

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