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Why you should be offering a website builder to your customers

By Matt / April 18th, 2020

The internet is integral to daily life and plays a huge role in how people find the products and services they need. No matter what industry you're in, a website helps customers discover your business and build trust.

And yet, according to the US Small Business Administration, over a third of small businesses still don't have a website.

Given how important a website is, why is this the case?

The answer is simple. People are intimidated. Creating a website from scratch is difficult for non-tech saavy users, there's lots of choices, and options that are technical and unfamiliar. But creating one doesn't need to be so daunting... enter, the website builder.

If you're a web host and you're not offering a website builder, you should be. Here's why:

1. Open up your potential market
Website builders are designed for people with little to no technical skills. By offering a website builder, you allow anybody to purchase your web hosting, build a website, and get online without all the technical stuff.

2. Simplify new customer on-boarding
Many people purchase their domain, select a hosting package, and that's where they start to come unstuck. Many customers, especially those buying hosting for the first time, donít know how to build a website. Their first step is going to be to get in touch with a website designer, and they'll quickly learn that building a website is not as straightforward or as affordable as they might have thought.

3. Simplify website maintenance
Regular website maintenance is a must for those who want their website to remain relevant, fresh and top of search engines. Building a website with a website builder puts the power back into your customers hands to not only build, but also maintain their website long term.

4. Save your customers money
Getting a website professionally designed and created can be expensive, taking it outside the budget of most bloggers, hobbyists and small business owners wanting to turn their passion into a business online. A website builder gives your customers a lower cost alternative.

5. Increase your customers success and grow retention
A website builder helps your customers get online faster and start benefiting from their website more quickly. And successful customers that have a website that is working for them will lead to customers that renew and stay with you for longer.

6. Differentiate you from the competition
The online environment is constantly changing, and web hosting continues to be a highly competitive niche. Adding a website builder to the services you offer your customers allows you to differentiate your offering from the tens of thousands of other web hosting providers who aren't.

In 2020, there's simply no reason not to be offering a website builder. Offering a website builder is a no-brainer when it comes to maximising the potential usage of your service by making it accessible to less technical users. Plus of course there's potential to make some extra money too.

With WHMCS, you can start offering the Weebly Website Builder in as little as 30 seconds thanks to MarketConnect, but there's many other site builder options available in the WHMCS Marketplace.

And with WHMCS 7.10, you can now also offer the Weebly Free Plan which includes unlimited pages, pre-made themes, 500MB Storage, SEO Tools, lead Capture Forms and more. It's the perfect way to introduce your customers to the site builder experience at no cost to them. Start offering Weebly Free today.

Thanks for reading!

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