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WHMCS and Remote Working

By Matt / March 20th, 2020

In these unprecedented times, we hope that you, your family, and your team, are keeping safe.

However, we know that the current situation might be affecting your business and your customers. In a time when more people are working remotely than ever before, it's vitally important that you and your team have the right tools and processes to continue to run your day-to-day operations seamlessly, wherever they may be.

At WHMCS, we have always been strong advocates of remote work - more than half of our team regularly work remotely - and as a web-based product, WHMCS is built to enable you to manage your business whether you run your business from an office or at home. Below are some of the key features designed to help you manage and operate a remote team.

Web-Based CRM
With WHMCS, you have a powerful customer relationship management system that you can access from anywhere - all you need is a web browser. You instantly have access to all of your customer history including contact details, product history, billing and transactions, communications, staff notes and more. It's one of the big advantages of a web-based billing platform vs an on-premise or locally installed software.

Centralised Inbox Management
The WHMCS Help desk enables you to have all incoming emails routed into a single centralised system from which all of your staff can access, triage and reply to emails that are coming in. This gives you greater flexibility and oversight into the activity of your staff, and enables staff from many different locations to respond to customer's enquiries all at once and in sync.

A WHMCS license allows importing emails from an unlimited number of email addresses and supports importing of email via both local email piping and remote POP3 collection.

Support Collaboration Tools
Delivering the best customer experience often requires utilising the skills of more than one member of your team. With the help desk in WHMCS, your team can collaborate effortlessly and effectively with tools such as custom ticket statuses, private notes, ticket assignment, @mentions and more.

Slack Integration
With millions of daily active users, Slack is used by teams all over the world to communicate and collaborate remotely. Features like video conferencing, organising conversations by channels and drag and drop file sharing makes it one of the most popular messaging apps today.

You can power up Slack even more with the Slack Integration in WHMCS. Receive automated notification in your slack channels when certain actions and events occur within WHMCS including things such as new orders, ticket replies and more.

Monitor Your Business
WHMCS logs key actions and events such as admin logins, profile changes, sent and received email communications and more. Reports give you insights into your teams online status and productivity with information such as login and logout times, idle time, and number of tickets involved in. Reports also give you insights into your overall business performance.

With the above tools, we hope that WHMCS can help you stay in control during these unprecedented times. If you need any help with WHMCS, our own team is leveraging all of the above to ensure there will be no interruption to our services and we continue to be available around the clock to provide support with WHMCS.

Before I finish, I also wanted to give a reminder about Two-Factor Authentication which is now freely available to all WHMCS users. There's been a lot of news articles suggesting phishing scams are on the rise trying to trick workers into giving credentials for work-based systems to bad actors. Two-Factor Authentication is a great way to protect you and your team from these types of scams, so if you haven't already, you should enable Time-Based Tokens Two-Factor Auth for your staff today. Learn More

Once again, we hope that you, your family and your team are keeping healthy and safe.

If you have any comments or questions or have any other WHMCS features or Marketplace extensions and add-ons that are helping you and your team work better remotely, please share in the comments below.

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