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Feature Spotlight: Admin Service Quick Look

By Matt / January 30th, 2020

A feature that may have snuck under the radar in WHMCS 7.9 is the new Quick Look feature available in a number of the admin service list pages.

This new functionality allows you to get quick access to more information related to a product, service, addon, domain or cancellation request.

The best way to see and understand the feature is to see it in action:
When the feature is available for an item, you'll see a "+" icon within the row in the table for that item.

Simply click the + to expand the row and reveal additional information. The additional information includes things like Order Number, Signup Date, Server, Dedicated IP, Username, Payment Method, and more...

It's contextual, so the information you see will be dependent upon the type of item being viewed.

At the time of writing, Quick Look is available for the following items:
  • Products/Services
  • Service Addons
  • Domain Registrations
  • Cancellation Requests
If you like this new functionality and would like to see it added to another area of the product, or if you have ideas and suggestions for other information you would like to be available via Quick Look, please let us know in the comments below.

WHMCS 7.9 is available to download and upgrade to today and is the recommended version for all new installations and upgrades. To learn more about What's New and how to upgrade, visit

Thanks for reading!

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