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Feature Spotlight: Improved Date Picker Experience

By Matt / September 19th, 2019

In WHMCS 7.8 we've made a number of improvements to the date picker experience within WHMCS.
Date Shortcuts
First up, we've added date picker shortcuts. With shortcuts, any time you enter a date field you will be provided with a number of quick shortcuts that allow you to quickly jump to commonly used dates.
Shortcuts are context related to the field you're using, so for example if you're in a field for invoice issue date you'll get shortcuts such as yesterday and one week ago, while if you're in a field for due date, you'll get shortcuts for tomorrow, 7 days from now, one week from now and so on.

Date Range Picker
Next up, we've simplified the experience of choosing date ranges.

There are many areas within WHMCS where you can search or filter for records that are between two dates, and in WHMCS 7.8, we've introduced a date range selection tool that makes it easier and faster to browse and select those ranges.
As with the single date fields, we've also added shortcuts that allow you to quickly select commonly used date ranges such as the last 7 days, last month, previous month, and more.

More Locations
Finally, we've added the ability to filter records by date ranges to more locations. You can now filter results by date ranges in the Orders, Invoices and To-Do list areas of the product.

To learn more about WHMCS 7.8 and the other new features and functionality, please visit the WHMCS 7.8 What's New Microsite. WHMCS 7.8 is available to download and install today.

Thanks for reading!

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