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Feature Spotlight: Customer Insights

By Lia / November 29th, 2018

Knowing your customer's needs and expectations is crucial in building successful products and sustainable businesses. Whether it's designing a new product, crafting a marketing campaign or looking to improve your business - analysing data about your customers will result in better products and strategies.

In this feature spotlight, we examine the customer insights available within WHMCS and provide use cases on how you can turn these insights into actionable intelligence. Whether it's direct feedback from support tickets or data gathered from reports, these metrics are crucial in helping you create a customer-centric approach for all areas of your business.
WHMCS comes with an extensive set of reports designed to give you insights into your business and customer behaviour.

From customer retention time to support interaction feedback, let's take a closer look at some of the customer data generated in WHMCS and how you can use these metrics to power up your business.
Get the pulse on your customer service with Ticket Ratings Reviewer and Feedback Scores
The support ticket feedback features are designed to provide a real-time 'pulse' on your customer service enabling you to identify issues sooner and react more quickly.

When Support Ticket Ratings are enabled, your customers can rate each support ticket response they receive with 1 to 5 stars rating. They can do this throughout the course of each support ticket interaction. These ratings can then be reviewed using the Ticket Ratings Reviewer report which allows you to review all ticket replies with a given rating, within a given timeframe.

When the Ticket Closure Feedback Request option is enabled, customers will also be prompted to complete a small survey upon the resolution and closure of a ticket. This allows customers to not only rate but also provide feedback on their recent support interaction which we'll explore in further detail below. To review the results from the Ticket Closure Feedback Survey, you use the Ticket Feedback Scores report. This report provides a summary of the ratings received on a per admin user basis, giving you a detailed breakdown of ratings per team member and enabling you to identify specific support personnel who might be in need of additional coaching or training.
Get immediate feedback with Ticket Feedback Comments
In addition to support ticket ratings, customers can also leave you comments when completing the Ticket Closure Feedback survey. The Ticket Feedback Comments report then allows you to review these comments, with the ability to filter for the responses for a specific team member and a given timeframe.

By regularly reviewing the support ticket feedback comments that have been rated poorly, you can identify areas that need additional training and improvement and address them sooner.

Direct feedback from customers often contains a wealth of information for product and business development and collating this feedback and identifying common and recurring themes will help you with prioritisation. It may be hard to fulfil each and everyone's request but seeing common issues will help you identify where to prioritise your time and resources.
Know the performance of your acquisition channels with Client Sources
Knowing how customers find your site is important. It can help you measure the performance of your marketing, as well as inform you about how you are acquiring customers. With the Client Sources report, you can view statistics about how clients have answered the question of how they found you for a given date range.

The first time you access this report, the report will guide you through the process of creating a custom field that is displayed during signup for new users and offers a customisable choice of options for how users found your site. After the field has been setup, you may return to the report at any time to view the statistics of your clients answers.

Once you have the data, it allows you to analyse your acquisition channels and identify successful or poorly performing ones. Armed with this knowledge, you can decide where best to focus additional money and resources to grow your acquisitions
Follow your customer journey with Customer Retention Time
The Customer Retention Time report gives you a detailed overview of the average length of time a product remains active in your WHMCS system. It will show you the average lifetime for all products, services, addons and domains.

This insight is important in measuring the happiness of your users, as well as the churn or cancellation rate on a per product basis.
Know your most valuable customers with Top 10 Clients By Income
Named Top 10 Clients By Income, when run this will report will generate a list of the top 10 highest grossing customers.

This report may be useful if you would like to offer your most valuable customers preferential service terms such as an out-of-hours support or reward them with a customer loyalty program. Additionally, this report is useful if you would like to push additional products to your top customers - since you're most valuable customers are also your most valuable prospects.

With the year coming to a close, you might be ideating on your growth strategy for the coming year. Incorporating these customer insights will help you in creating a more data-driven and customer-centric approach in running your business.

If you have any comments please share your feedback below - we always love hearing from our customers!

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