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Improved MaxMind Integration in WHMCS 7.6

By Matt / August 14th, 2018

MaxMind is integrated with the WHMCS shopping cart to provide real-time fraud analysis for incoming orders.

Using the collective power of all WHMCS installations that use MaxMind, along with other merchants that also use the MaxMind service, MaxMind detects suspicious patterns and activity in order to block fraudulent orders and payments before they even occur.

When enabled, using a variety of factors, MaxMind calculates a risk score for every order that gets submitted through your WHMCS installation, and orders over the level of risk that you define are blocked from completing the checkout process. Sometimes however, legitimate users and orders can get blocked, and this is where the updates in WHMCS 7.6 are intended to help.

In WHMCS 7.6, we've expanded our MaxMind integration to include MaxMind's latest Insights and Factors services, which give you access to more data points than ever before to help you make more informed decisions about the level of risk certain orders pose.

minFraud Score
minFraud Score is MaxMind's most basic level of service. With this option, you receive a risk score for orders - but no indication of what factors were used in calculating the score.
This can present a challenge if a customer challenges a fraud risk assessment and asks you to override it. This is where the new levels of MaxMind service can help:

minFraud Insights
minFraud Insights provides a broad overview of fraud score factors, including the results of geolocation analysis, IP and email risk assessment giving you some key metrics and data points that enable you to understand why an order has been flagged as high risk.
Here's how a fraud check using minFraud Insights appears in WHMCS 7.6.

minFraud Factors
Taking things a step further, minFraud Factors, the highest level of service currently offered, allows you to learn more about how a risk score was derived including what factors influenced a fraud risk score and by how much. This additional level of insights can make it easier for you and your team to determine why an order is blocked, and enables you to make more educated decisions when performing manual reviews.

minFraud Factors also allows you to make use of MaxMind's rule based service that allow you to dial in the MaxMind fraud assessment engine to your specific needs. Using rules, you can setup criteria for either blocking or allowing orders, and overriding the default checks that MaxMind provides.

Upgrading to the new MaxMind integration
If you are currently running WHMCS 7.5 or earlier, you can upgrade to WHMCS 7.6 today to begin taking advantage of the new MaxMind fraud checks.

Following the upgrade of WHMCS, simply navigate to Setup > Fraud Protection to choose the MaxMind Fraud Check service you wish to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The WHMCS 7.6 MaxMind update requires that you provide some additional configuration information in order to continue using MaxMind. Therefore it is important to navigate to Setup > Fraud Protection after upgrading and enter your MaxMind User ID which you can find within your MaxMind account.

We hope you found this post useful and if you have any questions about the updated MaxMind integration, we invite you to ask them in the comments below.

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