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Introducing WHMCS Namespinning

By Matt / July 18th, 2018

The new and improved domain namespinning service from WHMCS.

WHMCS Namespinning is a new domain namespinning service being made available free of charge to all WHMCS users.

Why Namespinning Matters?

Every day, tens of thousands of new domains are registered. As a result, finding the perfect domain name is becoming harder and harder all the time. This is where Namespinning comes in.

With Namespinning from WHMCS, when customers perform a domain search, in addition to the primary search result, WHMCS displays relevant domain name suggestions across all the TLDs you offer.

The WHMCS Namespinning experience gives customers quick access to a domain name that works for them. It also gives them immediate exposure to additional highly relevant quality domain names that can also be registered at the same time helping drive more domain registrations for you.

What's different about WHMCS Namespinning?

Independent - WHMCS Namespinning is a registrar agnostic service providing quality results without bias that helps drive registrations across a wide range of TLDs including gTLDs and legacy TLDs. You have full control over the TLDs that suggestions are provided for.
Lightning Fast - Enhance your customer's experience by delivering more domain name search results quickly with our globally distributed lookup platform.
Highly Relevant Results - Utilising machine learning technology, WHMCS Namespinning delivers more relevant suggestions by working to understand the context of your customer's queries, including factors such as popular keywords, geo-location targeting, personal names and semantic relevance.
Multi-Language - By identifying the language of the primary lookup term, WHMCS Namespinning is able to provide meaningful search results in 10 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese.
How do I get started?

WHMCS Namespinning is being made available free of charge to all WHMCS users.

Simply upgrade to WHMCS 7.6 and activate WHMCS Namespinning Domain Lookup Provider via the Domain Pricing setup page.

To learn more, visit

Not running WHMCS 7.6 yet?

WHMCS 7.6 Release Candidate is available to download and try out today. It's easy to upgrade. Learn more in the 7.6 Release Announcement

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