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Feature Spotlight: Automatic Updater

By Lia / February 13th, 2018

With the 7.5 release just around the corner, we're putting the spotlight again on one of our biggest features - the Automatic Updater.

First introduced in 7.0, this feature notifies you in the admin area as soon as a new version is available and makes it easy to update to the latest version in just a matter of seconds.

We publish 3 major releases and several smaller maintenance updates each year to make sure you get the best experience from our product. Why is it useful to update to the latest version of WHMCS?

  • In each release we provide improvements and new functionality that allow you to do more and sell more.
  • APIs and offerings change frequently, compatibility updates to other 3rd party services ensure you uninterrupted operation.
  • Each release includes bug fixes so you aren't running into issues that have already been identified and fixed by our team
    With the Automatic Updater, getting the latest version of WHMCS has never been easier. If you haven't tried it yet, here are some of its key features:

    Easy and Efficient

    It makes updating faster, easier and more convenient. It saves you time, reduces downtime and reduces costs to you and your business. It validates the environment pre update too and it has built in notifications to make sure any of your customisation is not overridden.


    We have multiple layers of protection in place that ensure the validity and authenticity of the updates you receive. Each of our releases is signed with a cryptographic key and the public keys and intermediate certificates used to validate them are isolated from other infrastructure, meaning there is no single point of compromise.


    We've also put a lot of work into making sure the update process works for you with features like checking for any default files that have been edited or customised. If the system finds any, it will let you know before proceeding.

    The updater will only alter files that are shipped as part of WHMCS. Any custom templates you create, or modules you upload, will not be lost by updating. For files that are commonly edited, we provide override methods that ensure your customisations can be safely preserved through upgrades.

    Manual update

    While we recommend Automatic Updates for most users, we understand that automatic updates won't work for everyone, particularly those with custom staging and deployment pipelines. That's why we do still publish downloadable release zips and if you wish to update manually, you can and nothing has to change.

    We want updating WHMCS to be something you look forward to. To start using the Automatic Updater, simply update to version 7.0 or higher - this may be the last manual update you will ever have to make.

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