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Marketplace Forum Launched

By Matt / April 5th, 2011

In an effort to further cater to the growing customisation needs of WHMCS users, today sees the launch of a "Marketplace" forum and a relaxing of the rules surrounding advertising and self promotion on the forums within this category.

This new section of the forums can from now on be used to post offers and requests for services relating to WHMCS. The idea is to create the perfect place for users needing things done with their WHMCS installation, to find third party designers & developers that are familiar with WHMCS and are able to create a solution for them. This could consist of things such as custom modules, hooks/addons, advanced customisations, and more...

The only rule will be that we will not allow offers of any of the services we offer directly ourselves - ie. standard integration services, installation and/or configuration & upgrades.

To find out more or to post an offer or request, visit the Marketplace forum @

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